New blog!

So this being my first post on wordpress it’s pretty obvious i’m new. I have a blog on blogger but have been told over and over again to blog here instead or in addition too. So I figured i’d give it a try. I am new to blogging in general and to be completely honest I get into good weeks and sometimes months where i blog everyday, then something happens and i fall of the blogging blanwagon and don’t blog for days or even months.

But since this is my first time here I figured I’d tell you a little about me ❤

Well first off, Hi my name is Michaela and I live in TN. I moved here a year ago from Maine with my boyfriend. Back in Maine I studied Culinary Arts for 4 years and was a pastry chef at a local restaurant. Cooking and crafts is my passion. Last September I opened an Etsy shop for my hand knit accessories and have been selling for over  year now. I love designing and creating new things and that is what my blog will mostly be about. I am a big believer in DIY, why pay for something you can make or do yourself for a fraction of the cost?

I am also a huge geek and it all started with Lord of the Rings. I’ve always been an avid reader and science fiction and fantasy hold a special place in my heart. I just started getting into console games, we just got a Wii and we have an xbox360. I’m very behind when it comes to video games but my friends are catching me up. Right now i’m playing Zelda Twilight Princess, then I plan on playing Fable 2&3 then starting with the TES games starting with Morrowind.

So if you follow this blog, look forward to a bunch of DIY crafting ideas, fashion and beauty, random things I find on Etsy, books I think you should read, new recipes I try, video games i’m frustrated at because i’m a noob, and current projects i’m working on for my own Etsy shop.



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