Things that are keeping me from actually working right now

I woke up way to early this morning and decided I would dye my hair. Nothing crazy (this time) just blonde, or what I like to call “luna blonde” which is what color my hair normally is but I have been known to dye it red randomly. So yea blonde, hair dye, and I just got my hair cut a month or so ago, which means i never style my hair anymore because I miss the length. It was down to the middle of my back and I cut about 9-10 inches off


This is what color my hair is now ❤ Also I want that hat.


As of right now I have 4 projects I should be working on … 3 coffee cup cozies for a customer and an infinity/loop scarf for another customer. But alas I have been distracted by the lovely internet haha oh and shopping

Image I just bought this from AE, I think it’ll look cute with a long sleeve shirt underneath it. Perfect for thanksgiving =) … Plus it was on sale. 

Well since I only have 3 more hours until I head over to my friends for dinner I guess I should actually get some real work done. 


Oh Zelda update, I played for an hour yesterday and only caught 1 damn fish! I’m so sick of being in the town! I like RPGs but sometimes the trivial stuff gets really annoying and I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong and that’s why i’m not catching fish but I’m doing the same thing I did when I caught the first one. Stupid cat and depressed crazy cat woman. I had planned on returning the game to my friend when we go over for dinner but I told him i’m holding it hostage for another 2 weeks haha. But if i keep getting frustrated with this I’m going to just skip and play Fable.

AND because we aren’t doing thanksgiving until Sunday because that’s when the family will be here, we are going to go black Friday shopping, even though I hate it and think it’s dumb and have successfully avoided going. What made me change my mind you ask? Well xbox 360 games at Sams Club are going to be 30-40$ instead of 60$ …. so I will deal with crowds for video games. 


But really I need to knit now … ta ta




One thought on “Things that are keeping me from actually working right now

  1. Love the hair color! I just cut off 12 inches as well. First time in the past 11 years! I definitely need to be knitting more and more since the season is upon us. And don’t worry on Zelda the rest of the game gets good!

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