New workout routine, that I will probably only do for a week

So, like most people, and I say most people to make myself feel better and a little less lazy, I try to workout. It’s a feeble attempt at best but hey, I try. I’m not overweight or even at risk of being overweight but I am very very out of shape. I currently don’t have a job that requires me to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off so maybe that has something to do with it, oh and i’m not doing dance or cheerleading anymore …. which probably has A LOT to do with it. So I’ve been coasting for the past 2 years on what my body used to be like and I eat fairly healthy so that hasn’t sped up the fat process much. Of course I did randomly eat cake and ice cream last night. So i’m really not that healthy, but I try …

So yes, workout routine … I’ve tried any different video’s and such but always end up dropping it after a few weeks (or in some cases a few days) The longest workout vid that I suck with was Jillian Michaels 30 day shred … mostly because i feared she’d come to my house and beat me up if I stopped doing it. I don’t know why exactly I don’t stick with the workouts, I enjoy being in good shape, and I always have more energy … sitting on the couch knitting is always such a great alternative though.

I’d love to be more skilled at yoga, but don’t seem to have the attention span, I like Pilates but it’s much more fun in a class with other people. I really enjoy dance workouts, so that’s what i’m going to try again. It’s called Ballet Body Workout. It is a low impact workout so I wont be stopping because my joints are bothering me (yay cheerleading injuries) hopefully it will help strengthen some of my weaker joints
This video is 60 minutes, and if i can manage to do it 5 times a week i’d be pretty happy with myself.  There is some yoga and Pilates incorporated with the ballet so it should change it up enough that I stay interested. I also plan on taking a picture every week documenting my progress. And maybe actually seeing my body change will help me continue the workout.

Well I guess now is as good a time as any to start this workout …




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