Oh Christmas Tree

So it is the last day of November and all this past week it has been in the mid 60’s. Absolutely beautiful weather! I’m of course used to Maine’s climate and usually by this time of year it’s freezing and snowing. But today it seems like the climate has completely switched. In Bangor, Maine it’s in the 60’s and today it was in the high 30’s today.

Tomorrow is also my best friends birthday and that’s when we usually set up the Christmas tree and start decorating.

We haven’t gotten a Christmas tree (unless you count the small hot pink one). So needless to say we won’t be putting up a Christmas tree tomorrow but possibly this weekend.
We’re getting a fake tree (the spiders in the real trees terrify me) and I want to do colored lights and lots of colored glass balls. and to decorate the back porches I want to get garland and lights and wrap around the banisters and wreath for the front door.

Once we have everything decorated I will share pictures but until then here are some pictures I found to inspire your holiday decorating.


Until next time









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