my rant about GameStop and overpriced video games

So last night James and I had “date night” but since it was a work night we just went to dinner and didn’t see a movie. Plus it’s way cheaper to go to the movies in the early afternoon! So on our way home we stopped at GameStop because we’ve been wanting to get MarioKart for our Wii … well … last time we were there they had MarioKart used (with the wheels) for $35. Last night they didnt’ have any with the wheels left which is fine because we probably wouldn’t use them anyway. So used WITHOUT wheels was still $35 … and we all know the Video Game companies don’t get any money if you buy used video games, so I always look for the new version because if it’s not too much more expensive I’ll buy new… well they didnt’ have any new MarioKart games (which astounds me but anyway) so we bought the used game, and also picked up Fallout3 because they had it in a bin for less than $10. So we’re all excited because we both love MarioKart, i mean who doesn’t. And it will also be a great game we can take to our friends house so we can all play together… any-who, so we get home and pop it in the Wii and it doesn’t work…. we tried everything and still couldn’t get it to work! Now my first thought is “well what if we didn’t live near a gamestop! or what if this was a gift!” When I lived in Maine our nearest gamestop was an hour away! Shouldn’t they be testing their used games and if they are damaged, unusable then you can’t return them!!!! OR you don’t charge 35 DOLLARS !!!! Maybe i’m cheap I don’t know but I was very upset, okay not very upset let’s say i was baffled. We got the new Battlefield game and it was 60 bucks, i just think that much is ridiculous. So yea, I was kind of pissed that we got this game home and it didn’t work. And I think 60 dollars is just too expensive for a game, I feel you can’t play it enough to get your monies worth, AND if you are playing 24/7 you need to go outside and take a walk or read a book! I love video games but it’s starting to get out of hand!

So on another kind of related note, like I said earlier we got Fallout3 … now let me give you a little background about me, like I said I love video games! BUT I DO NOT like scary video games!! I like RPGs and I have played (succesfully) FPS but they irritate me really quickly. I just want a pretty, non linear, RPG. So Fallout is okay so far, and to be honest I haven’t gotten far because I got frustrated last night. One of the things that completely turns me off from video games is when they start stressing me out, because then I start button mashing and that never ends well. So the thing that was setting me off last night (that led to turning the game off) was the music (in the vault) whenever something bad gets near me the music gets really … i dont know how to describe it … but stressful … which makes me panicky and it just stops being fun. Now i’m not saying I dont want to slay dragons or fight bad things … but i’d like to figure out the damn controls first!

well rant over …

Tomorrow I should have a new recipe for you! =) We’re going over to our friends for dinner and i’m going to make a broccoli casserole. ❤


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2 thoughts on “my rant about GameStop and overpriced video games

  1. I hate to defend Game Stop considering they fired me over stupid circumstances (but its ok I got unemployment), but I did work there 2 1/2 years and was a supervisor. We always had people telling us “why don’t you test the games?” and we simply can’t. In one day we would get hundreds of used games traded in, and we usually don’t have a system to test them on, display consoles are only able to be opened by the manager. The best we could do was look at the discs and see if they were bad enough to charge a refurb fee on. And the used games are so high because that is virtually the only way that Game Stop makes its money. The new games have prices set by the publisher, so the reason you pay 60 bucks for a game is not Game Stop, its the publisher. Game Stop does not make money off of new games OR consoles. But I never buy video games any more anyways since I can’t afford them, and I can’t figure out how I afforded them when I worked there, considering I made less then!

    • oh i totally understand about not testing the games i know they get a lot it’s just irritating to get home having spend $35 and not be able to play the game. And I like buying new games because i’d rather the publisher get the money (even if i think it’s too much) because i want them to be able to keep producing games. I personally just don’t play enough to spend $60 on video games, groceries are more important haha. I’m also kind of peeved at our gamestop because some of the employees are just rude, and i’ve worked retail i know it’s irritating but i go into stores and don’t buy online because i like customer service and i don’t like being treated like a moron because i’m a girl in a video game store. How we aren’t past the “girls don’t play video games” thing is beyond me haha!

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