Indoor Gardening

I LOVE gardening! BUT we live in a townhouse so no backyard for said garden. This past summer though we managed to plant some tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and some basic herbs on our back porch, along with a dozen different morning glories that just grew everywhere! Needless to say we’ve discovered our back porch has been perfect for growing veggies and herbs and I can’t wait until spring to start planting again. I am fascinated with urban gardening and can’t wait to start experimenting. Right now we have a bunch of herbs and a few flowering cacti growing indoors, oh and the palm tree which i’m amazed has survived this long.


We just got this new shelf at Sams Club yesterday. It was only $26!!! and each shelf can hold over 100lbs! Great buy. So now I don’t have herbs falling off of the windowsill into the sink or taking up the whole kitchen table. The dining area is the only place that seems to get enough sunlight.

Blue Sage
Garlic Chives



The Parsley and Sage have really taken off which is great because they are very easy to dry.
This past summer we had, basil and thyme and what we didn’t use fresh is dried in jars.


 I want to start planting as early as possible for the next season, I have a ton of ideas
I want to try and so many things to plant. It’s the second week in December and it’s
still getting into the mid 60’s during the day and hardly dipping below 30 at night.
I also want to find more “tea herbs” and get those planted so i can make my own loose leaf tea.

 If we think creatively enough we have plenty of space for all of the vegetables and herbs we need to feed ourselves, which will save A LOT of money and hopefully help us eat healthier. We have 2 porches, one off the kitchen and one directly above that which is off our bedroom, and directly below the porch is the enterance to our garage and there is enough space to put a few containers of Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions since they will be too heavy to keep on the porch, and will take up too much space. And space will be saved if I continue to grow my herbs indoors instead of moving them outside but we’ll see how they do.

Things I want to plant in the spring

Sweet Potatoes
some sort of lettuce
Green beans
Snap peas
Yellow or Orange peppers

The idea is to grow all of our veggies and some fruit if we can, and buy meat in large quantities and freeze it in portions and we wont be spending $100 dollars at the grocery store every week.



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