Nail Polish Trends

How awesome is painting your nails, well unless you’re like me and can’t manage to paint in the lines.

I want to start by saying my all time favorite brand I’ve used so far (i haven’t tried them all of course) is O.P.I. I have never been disappointed by their polish but unfortunately I only have 2 or 3 bottles of polish from them because they are pretty expensive. Maybe santa will put some in my stocking this year ❤ Another brand I’ve been using recently is Revlon which is okay, though it doesnt’ seem to harden as well as OPI does. But instead of $8 a bottle it’s only $2 so I really can’t complain.

Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE short nails, I’m not a huge fan of the flashy long fake nails, not to mention the fake nails damages your nails, which no one likes, plus it can get very costly.  But a short well filed nail can be so fashionable and chic! Right now I’m loving dark colors, dark purple, dark blue, dark red. but that’s just right now this summer for example I was obsessed with neon and super bright colors so it all just depends. I also really like the basic pale pink and neutral colors.

Now something I’ve seen around the internet lately has been dipping your nails in glitter eyeshadow! How brilliant! Great for that holiday party! I’m normally not a fan of glitter, mostly because people have a tendency to over do it and it can look trashy if done wrong.  But how cute is this?

Now for a moment lets pretend it’s summer … warm, beach weather, sandals everyday … now my question for you, if you’re painting your nails do your toenails need to match?
For me personally especially in summer, if i’m doing a light pink on my nails I’ll do a darker pink on my toes, but to me that still “matches” it’s not like I’m painting my nails bright yellow and my toes are green … so, do you care if they match or are you totally into the matching?


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