Hand-spun and Hand-dyed Yarns

I LOVE yarn … which is pretty obvious judging by my profession … and the more I use hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns the more I fall in love with them … totally swoon worthy.

So these are some that are on my wishlist… which my favorites on etsy have pretty much become a shopping cart haha

This is from YarnGeekFibers on etsy.com

… actually of of these are from Etsy.

From LittleMonkeySnS

From Snowberrylime

From SpinSpanSpun

I could go on for days … just listing the yarns I want haha…

Well, I’ve got some new things listed today, it’s been pretty productive even though it’s  Monday. Pretty well caught up on everything and I’m taking custom orders again, getting back into the swing of things. So if you need anything 😉 i’m you’re girl!

Still doing the free shipping deal until valentines day. and will probably do another coupon for St Patrick’s day, maybe.

I’m working on a new scarf design for spring right now, and if i like it i’ll be taking color suggestions! Right now i’m working with this really pretty yellow, light bamboo yarn. It’s sooo soft! I’m already know i’m going to have a hard time selling it instead of keeping it for myself ❤

Also, the newest book in the Whichlight series came out … and I’m trying desprately not to devour it in one sitting!!

… well, back to knitting …



So I got the flu ….

Well … I’m alive … I survived … It was a rough few days … ugh, I’m still exhausted.

I feel so behind on everything now.

So yeah, that awesome flu that goes around every year … that I never get! Well apparently working from home and hardly ever going outside lowers your immune system … So James and I both got the bug, I got it about 8 hours after him, which worked out well enough because I could take care of him through the worst of it and vice versa …

The only good thing about this is i managed to lose some weight after ya know not eating for 2-3 days.

I think the biggest disapointment over the whole thing though was that the days I was sick were the only sunny days this week …. which means I haven’t got a lot of new products listed … :-\ booooo but i’m working on it, maybe the sun will peek out for a bit today.

I’m really excited a new Debora Geary book is coming out sometime soon 🙂 so that’s something fun to look forward too!

Also this weekend should be fun/busy …

I feel like this whole post is just rambling information … please bear with me … i’m only on coffee number 1 today. Posts should be back to normal tomorrow 🙂 or heck even later today maybe. Haven’t done a beauty/fashion post in a while. Or a Culinary post for that matter … maybe that’ll be a goal for me next week … more recipes .. hmm…


If you have an suggestions for recipes or whatever feel free to leave a comment. I love trying new stuff 🙂

Well i’m going to sign off before this gets too rambley …

Oh! I have got a BUNCH of super cute new Coffee Cup Cozy’s and Travel Mug Sleeves in my shop for valentines day!
My grandmother crochet a bunch of little hearts and sent them my way 🙂

and if you’re interested we are doing Free Shipping on all orders from now until Valentines Day ❤
 This is the newest Travel Mug Cozy of the bunch, and probably my personal favorite ❤











Hope everyone had a great week! And if any of you are sick i feel for you!!!




Rain Rain Go Away

Good Monday morning. Well that good remains to be seen … it’s been a very rainy winter here in TN … we’ve only gotten snow once, and it was just a dusting… which makes for a very depressing winter in my opinion.

So today, is just another rainy dreary day. Now normally I wouldn’t care as i hardly ever go outside anyway, but I do have a shop to run, which does require taking good pictures … which is hard to do with no natural light… I’ve tried lighting the room with “natural” light bulbs and it just doesn’t work … so I’m sitting here with a bunch of new Coffee Cozy’s and Sleeves and they are just going to continue to pile up until the sun decides to make an appearance.


Etsy Coupons 

From now until Valentines Day
we’re doing Free Shipping on
all orders ❤


We Will Not Be Silent

Well, yesterday morning after a few blog posts about SOPA/PIPA I wanted to get back to my regularly schedualed program of knitting, and arts and crafts so I did my normal TILT … but after that post I was informed that Megauploads had been taken down by the FBI and multiple arrests were made in New Zealand. Our government has this control and power WITHOUT SOPA/PIPA ….

“If convicted, each individual faces up to 55 years in prison, the Justice Department said.” 

Even if you are not a hacker, you can still do something. The government must be made aware that we the people will not sit idly by while they try to control us and slowly take away our rights.

Thomas Jefferson said:  “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

We are quickly losing our liberty.

This is a time of action…


“The Internet Strikes Back”

I guess World War III ….. will be known as World War Web ….

Yesterday was the largest attack ever … the following websites were taken down in response to Megauploads being attacked.


“beneath this mask there is more than flesh beneath this mask there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof”


For the Love of Bacon

Well, what with all the drama that has surrounded the past few weeks with SOPA/PIPA I’m happy to bring you back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today I bring you an amazing shop from Etsy.com…..


I’m not a fan of Valentines day so this of course appealed to me, plus, there’s bacon.

Maybe it’s just me but I enjoy being wrapped like a burrito when i’m in bed. You know that move where you kick the blankets up in the air to tuck them under your feet … oh you know what i’m talking about…..

It’s funny because it’s true …. there’s nothing fun about being a December baby.

So you get the point, lots of funny cards, blows Hallmark out of the water if you ask me. And a wonderful shop owner!

After the ‘blackout’ yesterday I also realized how many sites I really love!
just to name a few….
and of course Wiki, and Google ❤ ❤ ❤

The last thing I want to leave you with is this video, well a link to the video anyway. It’s a snipit from last nights episode of the Daily Show and the ever funny Jon Stewart shows a great clip of multiple people in congress (referring to SOPA/PIPA) saying they don’t know, they aren’t really nerds so they don’t understand and that maybe they should get a ‘nerd’ to come in and explain it to them …. I really feel that it is no longer okay to not know how the internet works…

The Daily Show

Nerd? We prefer the term Intellectual bad-asses…

Say goodbye to Free Knowledge




That’s what will happen if this bill passes.

Today a large number of websites are protesting the SOPA and PIPA bills! Which is fantastic!!!

Try going to craigslist.org, Wikipedia.org, google is not shut down but they’re being awfully clever. Reddit is down, theoatmeal.com is down. All of the sites that are down have some amazing information for their viewers about what the government is trying to do to censor the internet.

So this morning I expected this to all be on the news … well I didn’t watch it for long because when I turned it on they were talking about important things like arm cleavage and what people wore to the golden globes!!!!! This is what the news channels are turning into and it’s driving me mad. They never talk about real issues anymore it’s all crap, and why most of us get our news from the internet, google news, yahoo news, and sites like that. Personally I get more news info from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report … when Comedy central is putting out more news (even if they’re mocking it) than fox, nbc, and cnn i think that says something… We have enough Entertainment news shows … I don’t wan’t to hear about Kim Kardashian ever, let alone over my morning cup of coffee.


So, check out some of the blacked out sites, don’t let the internet get censored.


Fun fact. When Kim Jong Il died we knew about it almost immediately … the people of North Korea didn’t know about it for DAYS. Their government controls their internet ….

Knitting Challenged

Well it certainly feels like it’s been a while since I blogged last. I started writing two days ago and almost was ready to hit the publish button when my computer died, it has a very short battery life and I didn’t realize it had come unplugged, oops haha. I have 5 new Coffee Mug Cozy’s that I need to list in my shop today, along with 2 new sets of Mini Dish Cloths. But I fear i’m not quite awake enough to work on photoshop haha. So I thought I’d sit down and have another cup of coffee with you lovely folks. Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk about coffee for a moment shall we!

This weekend James and I went to visit our friends in Johnson City for, what we call, our bi-weekly socialization. Since I work from home and James has been working 10 hour days we’re kind of horrible about making friends. but as luck would have it we’ve befriended another couple who are also crazy busy (more than we are) with 2 of the cutest kids I know. So about every other weekend we go visit them for some grown up time. And as an added bonus Starbucks just happens to be on the way to their house =). Starbucks just recently came out with a new roast, Blonde. Being the coffee addicted person I am I had to try it, so this week in addition to my Venti upside down caramel macchiato I bought a bag of the new Blonde blend. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I enjoy lighter coffee in the morning and Blonde is perfect! It however is not my new favorite, I have yet to taste a roast that is better than Guatemala Antigua, my go to blend. So if you’re looking for a change, and enjoy a lighter roast give Blonde a try ❤

Since the title of this post is Knitting Challenged I suppose I’ll get to that next.

I would like to preface this with, no walls were harmed in this next story…

It was Friday afternoon and I decided that I wanted to try to knit socks again. I know the basics and how to do I just never seem to have the patients. So I got on youtube and I found myself a tutorial and found a great beginners sock pattern. Now if you’re one of those people that can knit on double pointed needles, good for you! And no that is not sarcasm! In my opinion it takes a lot of skill and some amazing dexterity. You know when you’re little how girls play with barbies and boys played with tonka trucks, apparently putting on those tiny shoes and buttoning those tiny buttons and those small blouses really helped with those fine motor skills. I guess I played with tonka trucks because I have 0 fine motor skills as it turns out! After 4 grueling hours of casting on, finding twisted stitches and ripping them all out, casting on again and getting one row completed to have everything slip off I was flabergasted to the point of throwing all 4 needles with their ball of yarn across the room and hitting the living room wall. At which point my cat looked at me like I was some sort of crazy person. and at that point I probably was. I understand the basic mechanics, know all the stitches and I know HOW to do it I just can’t physically do it. So for now I’m taking a vacation from double pointed needles for the sake of my sanity. In reality I think the only reason I got so upset was because I wasted 4 hours of work not accomplishing anything, but I suppose this is how we learn.

After this fiasco I vowed to work on things I already know how to do, maybe try a few new texture patterns. At least until we move, if we end up moving. We are looking at a house, and for fear i’ll jinx anything that’s all i’ll say on the subject at this time =) but stay tuned!

So I have 2 giant baskets of misc yarn that I’ll be turning into Coffee Mug Cozy’s and Travel Mug Sleeves. I finished 5 yesterday, and I also started a new scarf. The sleeves and cozy’s are selling pretty well right now so I’d like to keep as many as I can in stock, and since they are small projects I can try out different lace patterns and different texture patterns with them.


Well this has been a rather long winded blog with no pictures, and I’ve finished my 4th cup of coffee, I suppose that should be enough caffeine to allow me to work on photo editing for a few hours.

Have a great Monday!