Let’s talk Superheroes

Let me start off by saying I’m not completely caught up on what’s going on in the Marvel Universe and of course DC has just rebooted their universe with the New 52, which even though I’ve never really enjoyed much of DC I do plan on reading this. I just finished listening to a podcast that reviewed the New 52 and I have to say i’m intrigued. The only DC character I actually like and follow is Green Lantern. Of the Marvel universe I am sort of up to speed on the main story lines. I’d like to get all caught up with the Xmen story lines. And I’ve promised some of my friends who are batman fans that I’d give Batman another shot .. I never really cared for Batman.

So my own little new years resolution … Get myself all caught up as much as possible. But where do I start?!?

This is what I need your help with … I have a basic understanding of most heroes like I said but how far back do I need to go? I’d like to read graphic novels … so suggestions please =) It’s greatly appreciated




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