Things I love ThursdayThi

Good morning! Happy Thursday! This Thursday for Things I Love Thursday I want to share with you things I have that mean a lot to me and things I’d like to do (like grow my hair out). Enjoy ❤

I’d like to start with this necklace. I’ve had the pendant for years and years and never could find the “right” chain for it. Well yesterday I found it. It’s a long heavy chain, and the crystals now hang at my Solar Plexus. The Pendant is made up of Quarts and Amethyst with metal wire wrapping them together. I picked this up at a Metaphysical shop when I was in college and I absolutely love it!

Another Shot of the Necklace in my hand. Also showing off my Manicure that I did yesterday. I told you I was getting better about keeping up with it :-). I also want this to start my second Thing I Love, Tattoos. I think they are absolutely beautiful and would love to have more. I currently only have 2. This one on my wrist was my first. It is a crescent moon and star to symbolize Hecate and then κόρη which is daughter in Greek.

My Second tattoo I got for my birthday last year with a very close friend.
This was taken at work so the picture isn’t the best. I promise i’m not that pale! haha
Celebrating my favorite super hero! ❤

Next on the list. HAIR! As in, I miss my long blond locks!
My hair is growing fast, so I shouldn’t complain but I can’t wait until it’s back to this ^. This is of course not me but the lovely Taylor Swift!

Next: SKYPE! I don’t use it often but yesterday I got to talk to my little sister for 2 hours! It was fantastic!

This is a shot of us taken over a year ago, before I moved to TN.

Last but certainly not least, Coffee … ❤ Who doesn’t love it!
I saw this on facebook and had to share!

So true.



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