Great Find on Etsy!

About a week or so ago James dad suggested growing our own sprouts. It was something I had thought about in the past, I love pad Thai with sprouts on it (the first dish that comes to mind when i think of sprouts). So I went to the internet to see how difficult it would be to grow them. Turns out, super easy. All you need is a mason jar and water, the seeds, and a lid for the jar that has a screen. After some googling I decided I wanted to buy the stuff to make sprouts but would it be cheaper to buy everything individually myself, OR just buy a kit online. I found some pretty fancy kits online for 25-35 dollars, but that just seemed rediculous when it’s a mason jar with a screen lid and some seeds. I had bought seeds off Etsy in the past so I decided to check to see if anyone sold kits. At the very least I could just order the seeds and figure something out with the mason jar lids. Well I was amazing to find a cute little shop that sold very inexpensive kits! So I ordered 3! The shop owner was super friendly and responded very quickly! Plus the shipping was super fast!



I’m only growing one jar at a time, I cant’ WAIT to taste them! You can’t really see from the picture but they’ve already started to grow and it’s only been 2 days!

Anyway, I had to share this shop with you all she has such cute things!

So check out her shop!

She also has super cute aprons! I love this one and it’s on my wish list ❤


Until next time ❤




Oh, and side note: From now until Valentines day I’m doing FreeShipping in my shop <3. And we still need 12 more fans for our facebook page until our 100 fan giveaway! So like our facebook page =)


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