Dear Monday, you are not welcome here .. Go away!

Good afternoon >.< I guess you can call it good, it isn’t particularly bad. Just typical annoying Monday crap. I guess it could have something to do with my massive headache (which has gone away slightly thanks to a massive amount of coffee).

Shall I start from the beginning? Okay.

Well our lease is up at the end of February and we’re looking at buying a house =) yay. Well there should be no problem getting our security deposit back we just have to get the carpet shampooed (typical) no biggie. No holes in the walls or stains on the carpets. So in the course of 48 hours our cat managed to poop on the living room floor and then later that night while burning candles one pillar candle’s wax somehow flowed into another candle which caused a huge mess and wax spilled out of the metal holder the candles were in and went down the bookcase onto the wall and carpet … fun times. Why is it that things like this only seem to happen when you don’t’ want them to, or when it would be super inconvenient!

Thanks to the world wide web we (and by we i mostly mean James) managed to get the wax out of the carpet.

On top of that I had a horrible migraine last night, which has leaked into today. I usually do okay if I go a day or so without a ton of coffee but if I only have half a cup 2 days in a row my body starts to revolt which leads to puking and intense migraines … guess you could say i’m an addict. Which is so not okay, and I have cut back significantly but still find i get ill if I don’t have caffeine.

So today I’ve been a top notch procrastinator! I’ve spent hours on the Etsy Forums, which i’m soooo addicted to! And i’ve spend oodles of time on the Pinterest “home decor” section =)

Now i’m procrastinating on wordpress =)

I do suppose I’ll start knitting now though. I am experimenting with a new design for knit ipod cases and ereader cases, i’m excited to see how they turn out! And don’t worry i’ll share with you 😛

Have a great Monday everyone, and drink lots of coffee.





2 thoughts on “Dear Monday, you are not welcome here .. Go away!

  1. Awww, I’m sorry you had such a bad Monday! Please don’t be mad that I was giggling at all that happened with the candles and the pooping, it is so crazy and so typical!! Can I just say that I truly loved this post for its honesty and laughs and real-lifeness? Thank you for sharing, look forward to more on daily life 🙂 PS: I am excellent at procrastinating, my faves are Twitter, other people’s blogs,, and Etsy. If you are in the mood for more procrastinating you should definitely check out for some entertaining and smart reading too!

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