Procrastinating with Arts & Crafts

“Hi my name is Michaela, and I am a procrastinator.”



Im giving some advice/help to a new shop on Etsy (i’ll never forget the kind Etsian who helped me when i first started), her work is absolutely fantastic! And I really think once she gets more stuff in her shop and gets things into full swing she’ll be super busy.

Here’s an example of some of the things she makes, I ❤ her Owls


Her PDF is fantastic, prints out well I had no problems what so ever. Great clear and easy to follow instructions!

Here’s what I ended up with =) just used some felt I had on hand so some of the colors are a little out there haha.











So basically I spent my morning felting and sewing instead of working … but i’m okay with it =)

I’ve told myself I will make another pot of coffee and do the work I need to do today, once I finish this post. No more getting distracted in the Etsy forums =)
I have discovered that a lot of people who sell items online have had issues with “re-sellers” stealing their pictures and selling their items for much less $$ … not that these people can even make the same items so I don’t even know what their goal is but it has got me thinking to watermark my photos, something I probably should have been doing all along anyway. So that’s my goal today, go through my shop and watermark all of my items .. gah … there are over 500 pictures 😦 oh well it needs to be done and it will be better than having my stuff stolen!


Oh and I also organized my yarn!! which wont stay this way for long i’m sure haha.












This is a quick shot of one of the many bookcases. I have found that if I see the yarn I have available i’m less likely to buy more … (not always but sometimes) Somehow i ended up with 5 skeins of the same color yarn and i have no idea why haha. Oh well guess i’ll never run out of yellow!

The sad part is there are also 5 big baskets of yarn under my desk … i think i have a problem… I’m trying to work through the yarn I have at the moment by making coffee cup cozy’s and mug cozies, hopefully i can turn some of the smaller balls of yarn into product!!




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