Knitting Challenged

Well it certainly feels like it’s been a while since I blogged last. I started writing two days ago and almost was ready to hit the publish button when my computer died, it has a very short battery life and I didn’t realize it had come unplugged, oops haha. I have 5 new Coffee Mug Cozy’s that I need to list in my shop today, along with 2 new sets of Mini Dish Cloths. But I fear i’m not quite awake enough to work on photoshop haha. So I thought I’d sit down and have another cup of coffee with you lovely folks. Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk about coffee for a moment shall we!

This weekend James and I went to visit our friends in Johnson City for, what we call, our bi-weekly socialization. Since I work from home and James has been working 10 hour days we’re kind of horrible about making friends. but as luck would have it we’ve befriended another couple who are also crazy busy (more than we are) with 2 of the cutest kids I know. So about every other weekend we go visit them for some grown up time. And as an added bonus Starbucks just happens to be on the way to their house =). Starbucks just recently came out with a new roast, Blonde. Being the coffee addicted person I am I had to try it, so this week in addition to my Venti upside down caramel macchiato I bought a bag of the new Blonde blend. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I enjoy lighter coffee in the morning and Blonde is perfect! It however is not my new favorite, I have yet to taste a roast that is better than Guatemala Antigua, my go to blend. So if you’re looking for a change, and enjoy a lighter roast give Blonde a try ❤

Since the title of this post is Knitting Challenged I suppose I’ll get to that next.

I would like to preface this with, no walls were harmed in this next story…

It was Friday afternoon and I decided that I wanted to try to knit socks again. I know the basics and how to do I just never seem to have the patients. So I got on youtube and I found myself a tutorial and found a great beginners sock pattern. Now if you’re one of those people that can knit on double pointed needles, good for you! And no that is not sarcasm! In my opinion it takes a lot of skill and some amazing dexterity. You know when you’re little how girls play with barbies and boys played with tonka trucks, apparently putting on those tiny shoes and buttoning those tiny buttons and those small blouses really helped with those fine motor skills. I guess I played with tonka trucks because I have 0 fine motor skills as it turns out! After 4 grueling hours of casting on, finding twisted stitches and ripping them all out, casting on again and getting one row completed to have everything slip off I was flabergasted to the point of throwing all 4 needles with their ball of yarn across the room and hitting the living room wall. At which point my cat looked at me like I was some sort of crazy person. and at that point I probably was. I understand the basic mechanics, know all the stitches and I know HOW to do it I just can’t physically do it. So for now I’m taking a vacation from double pointed needles for the sake of my sanity. In reality I think the only reason I got so upset was because I wasted 4 hours of work not accomplishing anything, but I suppose this is how we learn.

After this fiasco I vowed to work on things I already know how to do, maybe try a few new texture patterns. At least until we move, if we end up moving. We are looking at a house, and for fear i’ll jinx anything that’s all i’ll say on the subject at this time =) but stay tuned!

So I have 2 giant baskets of misc yarn that I’ll be turning into Coffee Mug Cozy’s and Travel Mug Sleeves. I finished 5 yesterday, and I also started a new scarf. The sleeves and cozy’s are selling pretty well right now so I’d like to keep as many as I can in stock, and since they are small projects I can try out different lace patterns and different texture patterns with them.


Well this has been a rather long winded blog with no pictures, and I’ve finished my 4th cup of coffee, I suppose that should be enough caffeine to allow me to work on photo editing for a few hours.

Have a great Monday!




One thought on “Knitting Challenged

  1. You would not believe how many times I have thought about throwing yarn and crochet hooks across the room!! I’ve started so many projects that I just quit working on because they look like crap! It can be very frustrating! I’m sure I’ll try those projects again in the near future, because practice makes perfect :).

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