Say goodbye to Free Knowledge




That’s what will happen if this bill passes.

Today a large number of websites are protesting the SOPA and PIPA bills! Which is fantastic!!!

Try going to,, google is not shut down but they’re being awfully clever. Reddit is down, is down. All of the sites that are down have some amazing information for their viewers about what the government is trying to do to censor the internet.

So this morning I expected this to all be on the news … well I didn’t watch it for long because when I turned it on they were talking about important things like arm cleavage and what people wore to the golden globes!!!!! This is what the news channels are turning into and it’s driving me mad. They never talk about real issues anymore it’s all crap, and why most of us get our news from the internet, google news, yahoo news, and sites like that. Personally I get more news info from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report … when Comedy central is putting out more news (even if they’re mocking it) than fox, nbc, and cnn i think that says something… We have enough Entertainment news shows … I don’t wan’t to hear about Kim Kardashian ever, let alone over my morning cup of coffee.


So, check out some of the blacked out sites, don’t let the internet get censored.


Fun fact. When Kim Jong Il died we knew about it almost immediately … the people of North Korea didn’t know about it for DAYS. Their government controls their internet ….


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