For the Love of Bacon

Well, what with all the drama that has surrounded the past few weeks with SOPA/PIPA I’m happy to bring you back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today I bring you an amazing shop from…..

I’m not a fan of Valentines day so this of course appealed to me, plus, there’s bacon.

Maybe it’s just me but I enjoy being wrapped like a burrito when i’m in bed. You know that move where you kick the blankets up in the air to tuck them under your feet … oh you know what i’m talking about…..

It’s funny because it’s true …. there’s nothing fun about being a December baby.

So you get the point, lots of funny cards, blows Hallmark out of the water if you ask me. And a wonderful shop owner!

After the ‘blackout’ yesterday I also realized how many sites I really love!
just to name a few….
and of course Wiki, and Google ❤ ❤ ❤

The last thing I want to leave you with is this video, well a link to the video anyway. It’s a snipit from last nights episode of the Daily Show and the ever funny Jon Stewart shows a great clip of multiple people in congress (referring to SOPA/PIPA) saying they don’t know, they aren’t really nerds so they don’t understand and that maybe they should get a ‘nerd’ to come in and explain it to them …. I really feel that it is no longer okay to not know how the internet works…

The Daily Show

Nerd? We prefer the term Intellectual bad-asses…


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