Hand-spun and Hand-dyed Yarns

I LOVE yarn … which is pretty obvious judging by my profession … and the more I use hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns the more I fall in love with them … totally swoon worthy.

So these are some that are on my wishlist… which my favorites on etsy have pretty much become a shopping cart haha

This is from YarnGeekFibers on etsy.com

… actually of of these are from Etsy.

From LittleMonkeySnS

From Snowberrylime

From SpinSpanSpun

I could go on for days … just listing the yarns I want haha…

Well, I’ve got some new things listed today, it’s been pretty productive even though it’s  Monday. Pretty well caught up on everything and I’m taking custom orders again, getting back into the swing of things. So if you need anything 😉 i’m you’re girl!

Still doing the free shipping deal until valentines day. and will probably do another coupon for St Patrick’s day, maybe.

I’m working on a new scarf design for spring right now, and if i like it i’ll be taking color suggestions! Right now i’m working with this really pretty yellow, light bamboo yarn. It’s sooo soft! I’m already know i’m going to have a hard time selling it instead of keeping it for myself ❤

Also, the newest book in the Whichlight series came out … and I’m trying desprately not to devour it in one sitting!!

… well, back to knitting …



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