Hair Chalking

So … being the Pinterest addict that I am I came across the “chalking” basically you color your hair with pastels. So since my hair is now bleach blonde, I figured i’d give it a shot!

So today, I did my hair, and my makeup.
and unfortunately it was rainy and gross today so the lighting blows, but take my word for it my makeup is pretty rad, it’s not black, it’s this pretty teal blue. Anyway .. onto the pictures. The pastels I used were red, blue, and purple. I didn’t too too much because I wanted to see how it looked first. I have to say i’m pretty darn pleased!


Dont’ judge me too harshly on the crappy quality pictures haha. So yes, Chalking Approved!!


4 thoughts on “Hair Chalking

    • It does wash out! If you use oil based pastels it will take a wash or two, and if you use soft pastels it pretty much brushes out, which means it has a better chance of getting on your clothes. I used oil based and the color showed up great!

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