Got some new yarn!

So … last week, it was rainy and gross all week long, and by the end of the week I was suffering from some mild cabin fever. Not having a car and working from home has its downfalls. So … what fixes a sour mood … well other than Darren Criss without a shirt … Shopping. So not having a car and all I did some online shopping, which started at Forever21 searching for some new accessories. I really want to get some new rings, maybe a skinny belt, and I’d love a new watch. Well I found all those things and more, some cute tops for only $6 how can you pass that up, plus the belt was only $1.50! It’s not exactly high quality but at the rate I lose things I don’t really mind. So I was all set to check out and for whatever reason paypal was being glitchy and wouldn’t let me check out and I didn’t want to use my debit card. So I didn’t get anything and I was in an even more sour mood because I had found the cutest stuff. So I went to the only place I knew my paypal card worked. Etsy. And finally got some of the yarn on my wish list.

These were my first purchase, then it kind of just snowballed, but everyone is having such good deals!!! I couldn’t pass it up
The torquoise yarn is 100% cashmere and was only 8 Dollars, It arrived today, and I ordered it on Friday! Talk about awesome customer service!

So after my yarn craving was satisfied I went over to Miriiams shop for some more buttons….

And I ordered about 700 more buttons …. I have a slight addiction … I can’t seem to help myself. I also ordered some more T-Shirt yarn since I started making these for the shop.

I’m so happy the shop has been doing really well this month, and it’s only the 6th, we’ve already had a few international orders, and I just finished up another Custom Order! So busy, and it’s so terrific!
I just finished the yellow scarf, it’s soooo long!!! It’ll be perfect for the spring collection!

We’re still doing free shipping until February 14th!
And I’m taking customer orders!

Feel free to drop me a line ❤



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