Oh Monday you are so unwelcome

Last night while lying in bed I decided I would no longer put off working out … So bright and early this morning *before coffee* I popped in my Jillian Michaels DVD and got to work. The theory being if I start my workout before i’m fully awake I wont have a chance to talk myself out of it. And when i’m finished there will be a fresh hot pot of coffee waiting downstairs for me. Well, so far so good. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and then continued to punish myself with the 6 week 6 pack. Tomorrow i’ll be surprised if I can even walk. My thighs are already killing me.

 ^I used to be able to do that … I’d like to be able to do it again…

I’m not working out to be “skinny” or whatever. I’m thin, i’m just horribly out of shape. I want to eat better, do yoga more, and be more fit. Working from home has allowed me to slack off more and i’m now working to correct that. Laziness is not a habit I want to have.

Well in other fun things, I got some more yarn!

The craft room is getting a tad bit out of control haha. That’s just the full skeins of yarn… the rest is in baskets under the desk. I’ve started making lists at the begging of each week of what I want to accomplish as far as projects go. This week, it’s a custom order headband (which i just finished this morning) I got some new cotton yarn for dish cloths so i’d like to get those done, and a purple and coral scarf I started last week that needs to be finished. And any custom orders I get this week take priority of course but that’s the plan so far. Also still trying to make one coffee cozy or bracelet every day so I have something new to list daily. Helps keep the shop moving I think.

At the beginning of last week I also got in 700 new buttons, on top of the 500+ I ordered a few days prior to that. They are all now sorted by color into their respective little baggies =) Sorting buttons might just be one of my favorite things of the week!

So, since it’s Monday, another cup of coffee is required, and i’ll start in on some dishcloths!! ❤






As always if you’d like to make a purchase from my shop all of my blog readers receive free shipping, just use the code WORDPRESS ❤ ❤ ❤



One thought on “Oh Monday you are so unwelcome

  1. Holy moly girl!! I’ve done some Jillian Michaels in my day and NEVER could have had the ability to do all that in one day, she kicks butt! Good for you and good luck walking tomorrow 🙂

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