Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

So, I have to admit, this week has turned out to be pretty darn amazing. Super productive all around! Not only did I work out and eat healthy all week, but I got a bunch of new stuff make for my shop! New designs! I’m so excited! Today turned out to be decent weather wise so I could actually get them photographed and listed today as well!

I made my first shawl/cape which I love, and will be making one for myself haha Plus it kind of makes me feel like a super hero.

ignore the wall outlet haha totally missed that when i was editing. oops

I have also been working on more lightweight scarves more spring appropriate since it’s been warming up … okay it never really got cold here, but still 🙂

Well, this is my quick weekend post, we’re going to a friends house for game night! Yay! LOVE Munchkin! and not just because I always win ❤


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