Getting to know you … and because i’m procrastinating…

Well isn’t’ this a lovely morning … okay not really the sun isn’t even fully up yet and I know I’ll regret falling back into my comfy welcoming bed and sleeping until noon … so i’ll find other ways to procrastinate. Another blogger, Leanne from tagged me in this getting to know you post so i’m going to go get my iced coffee and avoid more packing ❤

What is our favorite meal?
mmm that’s easy, my grandmothers baked mac n cheese, with a fresh tomato from the garden on the side

You can only listen to {3} albums for the rest of your life, what would they be & why?
okay, this is tricky … I’d have to go with Led Zepplin IV, The Beatles The White Album, and Adele … all on vinyl of course

What is your favorite item in your closet?
ummm…. it’s going to have to be my dark wash boyfriend jeans from AE … because they fit like a glove and go with everything!

When is the last time you cried?

What is your favorite tv show of all time?
of all time … well I was going to say Charmed, I love that show… but of all time… it’s going to have to be some 90’s cartoon ….. like Rugrats! or Hey Arnold! …. yeah let’s go with Rugrats

What is your favorite movie?
Easy, Fever Pitch

What would your dream vacation destination be?
Italy! anywhere in Italy

Describe your personality in three words
geeky, crafty , fun

What is the one make-up item you absolutely have to have on your face every day?
I don’t wear makeup everyday because i’m lazy, but if I usually don’t leave the house without some brown Mascara

Dream dinner party guest list! (Three people, living or dead)
Felicia Day, Donald Marshall, and … Rhonda Thompson

Why did you start blogging?
because a book told me too. Okay not really, but it was in the “how to make money on etsy” handbook. But I thought I had some cool DIY things I could share with others, and some great recipes. I also love reading the blogs of small business owners, especially when buying online, I like feeling that I know the person I’m buying from it just makes buying online a little more personable and I think others feel the same.

 So now for the lovelies i’m tagging
Tina B from
Koka from

My First Cable Project – Link Cable Stitch

Instead of packing more today I decided to take a break and dig out my new cable needles. I picked them up at A Likely Yarn before I headed up to Maine and hadn’t yet had a chance to use them. And since i’ll be putting the shop back on vacation mode while we move I thought it’d be nice to be able to re-open the shop with some really cool new stuff. Like cabled coffee cup cozy’s!

I also want to start doing video tutorials on my website, but that’ll take a bit longer to get started.

Today i’m sharing with you my first cabling project and the pattern will be at the end of the pictures.
Cabling is a lot easier than I thought it would be! My only difficulty is forgetting to count! haha but this is my simpler than the lace patters I’ve been working on recently.

  • Needles: Size 7 bamboo yarn (same size I use for dish cloths) + a cabling needle
  • Yarn: 100% Peruvian Highlands Wool

and a bit of patience is all you need ❤


 Link Cable
worked over 12sts 

Rows 1, 3 and 5 (RS) K12

Rows 2, 4 and 6 P12

Row 7 C6B, C6F

Row 8 as Row 2




And I’ll of course be uploaded a finished picture when I’m done ❤ and will hopefully have a whole bunch to add to the shop when all this moving craziness has settled.
and as always using coupon code WORDPRESS gets all my readers free shipping off everything in my shop ❤

New stuff!

Watermarking woes are over! Thanks 100% to my friend Matt. Who is the sole reason I have such a cool banner for my shop.

I also have different colors for different holidays and everything which is fantastic! This is the original one.
I also have this super cool avatar he did

^Me with my wand (that’s right I have a wand) with yarn coming out of it and buttons flying all over the place

He has a ton of amazing drawings that you can see on his deviant art page

So if you’re a frequent reader of this blog you know that I went through my entire shop and watermarked all of my photos … over 100 listings, each with 5 pictures that needed to be edited. It wasn’t hard to do, just very time consuming! But there are more and more reported cases of “re-sell” shops popping up on etsy where someone will steal your pictures, then sell your product for a quarter of the price. They are basically just scams i doubt if anyone that buys it gets the product since no one can recreate some of the things I do unless they buy it from me and take it apart and all that jazz.

So anyway, I basically just put my pictures back in picnik then added text saying Buttons&YarnOHMY that way if there ever was an issue it’d be easier for me to say “hey yeah that’s mine” but Matt being the super awesome cool guy he is made me this.

which makes the pictures a little more professional I think since it’s my actual logo. AND soon soon soon i’ll be adding tags to my products. Like the fabric tags that are on all of your clothes, I want to do that! and this will be the logo on it.

So all of my new listings will have this logo on it ❤ and this is how it came out.

Yeah, super awesome 🙂
and way better than just text saying Buttons&YarnOHMY!

In other news, still procrastinating packing … probably will do a bunch this weekend … and once I get a picture of my homemade Frappe i’ll share the recipe with everyone! I used to be a barista so instead of spending the 5 dollars at Starbucks to get a frappe I’m working on a recipe to make them at home at 40-50 cents instead of 5 dollars ❤ So i’ll share that when I get that perfected!


Sow What?

Through Pinterest I stumbled upon a gardening ‘pin’  with a list of vegetables and when to sow them. I feel like i’m falling behind with all things gardening, for a number of reasons, mostly because we’re in the middle of moving and I don’t want to have to transplant a ton of things. Currently we have a few herbs, 2 avocado saplings, some cacti and a Venus fly trap, and our little palm tree. All of which managed to survive while I was gone for over a week… okay the palm tree has looked better, and i’m not sure if the lavender is going to survive but for the most part James managed to not murder all of my plants.

So, inspiration growing from this list I found I decided it was time to sit down and compile my very own list of what I want to grow and when they are going to need to be planted. Spring is in full swing here, it’s going to be in the 80’s all week, and this weekend it’s supposed to be “cooler” aka 70… so i’m all set to even start planting outside once we’re settled.

I also need to decide if we’ll be planting from seeds or if we’ll just be getting already germinated plants from a nursery. Decisions decisions haha!

There are so many things I want to grow! I don’t want to have to buy vegetables at all this summer! and I want to plant enough so we can can some and store them for the winter. We can save so much money! Not to mention how healthy it is and how much peace of mind it gives me to be eating something I know for a fact is 100% natural.

Well while i’m compiling my “to grow” list I wanted to share some cool gardening ideas that i’ll be trying this year!

I want to do this with my herbs, so I can grow a bunch to be used fresh and also to dry but this way they can be moved into the greenhouse for the winter and I can move them outside in the summer! And it makes it very organized so nothing gets mixed up. [you can get wine boxes for free at liquor stores]

and if my garden ends up looking half as good as this i’ll be so happy! It’s so organized! Which I LOVE! Not to mention walking space between different veggies means it’s easier to weed and give proper attention to different plants individually. Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s much easier to really see what’s going on here!  Love it!
[garden picture from Keven Lee Jacobs]



Wrapping this one up for today, hopefully I’ll have more to share as this week comes to an end, lots of stuff happening with the house *fingers crossed* which means a new big garden to play with! So the blog will be taking more of a home renovation/gardening/diy/recipes feel for a while, moving away from the video games and knitting for a bit while we focus on a few other things.

Gosh I hate packing …

Outfit Planning

So I’ve recently discovered Polyvore thanks to my Pinterest addiction and now I’m a Polyvore addict!

If you don’t know what Polyvore is, it’s basically a fashion website, well not just fashion there’s home decor too, but you take a blank template and create your own whatever. Outfit, room, etc … I’ve only dabbled in the outfit making so far and you can find ANYTHING! PLUS you can upload pictures so, this is my new way to make outfits before I wear them complete with accessories, makeup, shoes, and nail-polish! It’s a great way to see how everything fits together.

I also want to start adding my knit items too my Polyvore so when I make an outfit I can add them. I think it helps people see how a specific piece would work in-cooperated into an outfit.

Here are a few outfits I’ve made so far.

*This probably speaks volumes about how I find ways to procrastinate instead of cleaning ❤


This I made before a double date James and I went on back when it was still cold out.

Basic summer look. Comfy, casual. I have an orange tank top like this but i’d really like more! They are so cute!

This is my most recent outfit, based on what I wore yesterday. After spending a week in Maine bitching because it was freezing (literally below 30 most of the week) it was nice to come home to 75 degree weather!


I also just finished up a bunch of new braided t-shirt yarn bracelets for my shop. I’m totally addicted haha.


























These are just some of the newest colors. Thirtyone13 has been amazing for making me custom listings of her tshirt yarn so I can buy it all at once. <— her shop


Random Thought: Since I usually write my posts in the morning, i’m thinking about just adding a line or two about what kind of coffee we’re brewing that day. 


Today’s Roast: Starbucks: Shade Grown Mexican. … . … . Currently on my first cup. Full, flavorful, but not too bold.





Cancer, government, and bull shit

I’ve been absent for a few weeks now and I’m sorry about that but I assure you it was for a really good reason.

An amazing woman passed away and I dropped everything to go home to be with my friends and family. She was the pillar of our community and touched so many lives. It still hasn’t sunk in that she is gone. But we can take solace in the fact that after a long long battle with cancer she is no longer suffering. She taught us well and she will be greatly missed.

And because bad news likes to dump all at the same time my mother is having a difficult time gaining access to the cancer treatment she needs because of a “shortage” of the drug.

This is a copy of the letter she wrote to Michael Michaud (congressman in Maine) also somehow related to our family though you’d have to ask my grandmother for the details on that.

Nancy Michaud
A copy of my e-mail to Mike Michaud:

Jan 30, 2012, I had a suspicious lump removed from my thyroid, by way of a total thyroidectomy. The biopsy came back conclusive for papillary thyroid cancer with a hurthle cell variant, mets to my lymph nodes, stage 3. Next step: Radioactive iodine about 6 weeks post op. It was set up for the week of March 19th or March 26th, pending scheduling. A little over a week ago, my lifesaving treatment was “put on hold” due to a “Thyrogen shortage”. (a necessary synthetic hormone used in the treatment of thyroid cancer). The specialty pharmacy blames the manufacturer, Genzyme blames the FDA and the pharmacy. The doctor and, more importantly, the patient are caught in the middle. I have researched this “shortage”, as have many of my friends. Seems more like a big bunch of BS! (to put it honestly and simply). However at work today I received a call that pretty much tells the story of what our healthcare has come to here in the US, and frankly it is a disgrace!!! My message to my family, friends, co-workers, everyone who knows my struggle reads like this: I had an interesting conversation today with my Dr in Portland and felt the need to share.

Let me first say, that I am going to Boston for my care and there is no “shortage” of Thyrogen at Dana Farber.

My Dr in Portland called Curascript, the specialty pharmacy that distributes the Thyrogen. They tried to get a delivery date from them. They told her that CVS Caremark has a supply but “bills it differently”. That if I pay my 30% up front they can have it here in a week. That totals about a grand up front, give or take! Money first, then life saving meds after!!!

So I did a little more digging. If they bill it as a prescription, which it is, my copay is $50 and my insurance pays it as a script. If they bill it as a “procedure”, it is covered under my insurance plan at 70%. And they hold the med hostage until my 30% is paid, like I said, about 900-1000, give or take!!!! So, if they are able to make more money, there is no shortage. If they bill it as a script and make less money, there is a shortage, and I go on a waiting list for CANCER MEDICATION!!!!!

The things we learn in a day!!! You just got the short version. My public display of this nonsense will be much more colorful and detailed!

Thanks for listening!
Sincerely, Nancy Michaud



This is just one of the THOUSANDS of examples of how broken our system is. How many good people have to suffer because the people in charge are too greedy to care about anyone but themselves. It doesn’t even matter anymore if you have full health insurance, you still aren’t covered and still are expected to pay a large amount of money before you get the treatments or medication you need … I thought the whole reason for paying out the ass for great health insurance was so that when you did need it you’d be covered…. guess not.

My hope is that someday, hopefully within my lifetime, this country will pull it’s head out of its ass and listen to it’s citizens. This is bull shit and we know it, and the government needs to realize we have the power, not them. They are supposed to do what WE want not what THEY want. They are in office, and in power because WE put them there. We gave them that power and we can take it away.