Outfit Planning

So I’ve recently discovered Polyvore thanks to my Pinterest addiction and now I’m a Polyvore addict!

If you don’t know what Polyvore is, it’s basically a fashion website, well not just fashion there’s home decor too, but you take a blank template and create your own whatever. Outfit, room, etc … I’ve only dabbled in the outfit making so far and you can find ANYTHING! PLUS you can upload pictures so, this is my new way to make outfits before I wear them complete with accessories, makeup, shoes, and nail-polish! It’s a great way to see how everything fits together.

I also want to start adding my knit items too my Polyvore so when I make an outfit I can add them. I think it helps people see how a specific piece would work in-cooperated into an outfit.

Here are a few outfits I’ve made so far.

*This probably speaks volumes about how I find ways to procrastinate instead of cleaning ❤


This I made before a double date James and I went on back when it was still cold out.

Basic summer look. Comfy, casual. I have an orange tank top like this but i’d really like more! They are so cute!

This is my most recent outfit, based on what I wore yesterday. After spending a week in Maine bitching because it was freezing (literally below 30 most of the week) it was nice to come home to 75 degree weather!


I also just finished up a bunch of new braided t-shirt yarn bracelets for my shop. I’m totally addicted haha.


























These are just some of the newest colors. Thirtyone13 has been amazing for making me custom listings of her tshirt yarn so I can buy it all at once.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/thirtyone13 <— her shop


Random Thought: Since I usually write my posts in the morning, i’m thinking about just adding a line or two about what kind of coffee we’re brewing that day. 


Today’s Roast: Starbucks: Shade Grown Mexican. … . … . Currently on my first cup. Full, flavorful, but not too bold.






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