Sow What?

Through Pinterest I stumbled upon a gardening ‘pin’  with a list of vegetables and when to sow them. I feel like i’m falling behind with all things gardening, for a number of reasons, mostly because we’re in the middle of moving and I don’t want to have to transplant a ton of things. Currently we have a few herbs, 2 avocado saplings, some cacti and a Venus fly trap, and our little palm tree. All of which managed to survive while I was gone for over a week… okay the palm tree has looked better, and i’m not sure if the lavender is going to survive but for the most part James managed to not murder all of my plants.

So, inspiration growing from this list I found I decided it was time to sit down and compile my very own list of what I want to grow and when they are going to need to be planted. Spring is in full swing here, it’s going to be in the 80’s all week, and this weekend it’s supposed to be “cooler” aka 70… so i’m all set to even start planting outside once we’re settled.

I also need to decide if we’ll be planting from seeds or if we’ll just be getting already germinated plants from a nursery. Decisions decisions haha!

There are so many things I want to grow! I don’t want to have to buy vegetables at all this summer! and I want to plant enough so we can can some and store them for the winter. We can save so much money! Not to mention how healthy it is and how much peace of mind it gives me to be eating something I know for a fact is 100% natural.

Well while i’m compiling my “to grow” list I wanted to share some cool gardening ideas that i’ll be trying this year!

I want to do this with my herbs, so I can grow a bunch to be used fresh and also to dry but this way they can be moved into the greenhouse for the winter and I can move them outside in the summer! And it makes it very organized so nothing gets mixed up. [you can get wine boxes for free at liquor stores]

and if my garden ends up looking half as good as this i’ll be so happy! It’s so organized! Which I LOVE! Not to mention walking space between different veggies means it’s easier to weed and give proper attention to different plants individually. Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s much easier to really see what’s going on here!  Love it!
[garden picture from Keven Lee Jacobs]



Wrapping this one up for today, hopefully I’ll have more to share as this week comes to an end, lots of stuff happening with the house *fingers crossed* which means a new big garden to play with! So the blog will be taking more of a home renovation/gardening/diy/recipes feel for a while, moving away from the video games and knitting for a bit while we focus on a few other things.

Gosh I hate packing …


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