Getting to know you … and because i’m procrastinating…

Well isn’t’ this a lovely morning … okay not really the sun isn’t even fully up yet and I know I’ll regret falling back into my comfy welcoming bed and sleeping until noon … so i’ll find other ways to procrastinate. Another blogger, Leanne from tagged me in this getting to know you post so i’m going to go get my iced coffee and avoid more packing ❤

What is our favorite meal?
mmm that’s easy, my grandmothers baked mac n cheese, with a fresh tomato from the garden on the side

You can only listen to {3} albums for the rest of your life, what would they be & why?
okay, this is tricky … I’d have to go with Led Zepplin IV, The Beatles The White Album, and Adele … all on vinyl of course

What is your favorite item in your closet?
ummm…. it’s going to have to be my dark wash boyfriend jeans from AE … because they fit like a glove and go with everything!

When is the last time you cried?

What is your favorite tv show of all time?
of all time … well I was going to say Charmed, I love that show… but of all time… it’s going to have to be some 90’s cartoon ….. like Rugrats! or Hey Arnold! …. yeah let’s go with Rugrats

What is your favorite movie?
Easy, Fever Pitch

What would your dream vacation destination be?
Italy! anywhere in Italy

Describe your personality in three words
geeky, crafty , fun

What is the one make-up item you absolutely have to have on your face every day?
I don’t wear makeup everyday because i’m lazy, but if I usually don’t leave the house without some brown Mascara

Dream dinner party guest list! (Three people, living or dead)
Felicia Day, Donald Marshall, and … Rhonda Thompson

Why did you start blogging?
because a book told me too. Okay not really, but it was in the “how to make money on etsy” handbook. But I thought I had some cool DIY things I could share with others, and some great recipes. I also love reading the blogs of small business owners, especially when buying online, I like feeling that I know the person I’m buying from it just makes buying online a little more personable and I think others feel the same.

 So now for the lovelies i’m tagging
Tina B from
Koka from

2 thoughts on “Getting to know you … and because i’m procrastinating…

  1. Thanks for tagging me Buttons!! I have been a major slacker with the blogging lately. To be honest, I have been a huge slacker with the crafting too! I will have to update my blog soon… I have had so much stuff going on lately that I can share with everyone :)… so stay tuned!

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