The new .com

IT’S UP! Still a work in progress but it exists!


I’m still fiddling with code but I want to keep it minimalist. I’d love to know what you think so far!!





Love Etsy?

Some of you out there in craft land may have heard about the newest Etsy kerfuffle. If you haven’t and you are a buyer/seller on Etsy it may be something you want to look into. Long story short Etsy everyday has this amazing coveted Featured Seller spot on their front page it is supposed to represent the best of Etsy and what Etsy stands for. Well a few days ago the Featured Seller on Etsy was found out to be a Re-Seller, she in fact did not make any of the products she was selling but imported already made items from Bali and sold them as handmade. Another big problem I had was her “Feedback Left for Others” most of it, pages of it is all negative with no explanation as to why. Now this is supposed to be the best of etsy? A seller who leaves pages upon pages of negative feedback?! That’s a red-flag for me. Also the tagline of her shop is “Created with Integrity”

EcologicaMalibu is the name of her shop. She is also selling on amazon and

NOW instead of Etsy owning up and saying “oops our bad” and closing her shop (since re-sellers are against their TOU’s) they changed their policies to allow re-sellers. So now real handmade artists have to compete with people importing things from other countries and selling them as handmade. Etsy is supposed to be a handmade marketplace where the sellers are creating everything they are selling, I feel like it no longer is.

I am just one person, I design all of my items, I knit all of my items, I do all of my advertising, I buy all of my supplies, I pack and ship all of my sold items…. One woman operation. I went to Etsy because my business is truely handmade but now with what etsy is becoming I can no longer compete there. There is no way I can compete against factory made knit goods.

It’s taken me a few days to mull this over and write up this post. Originally I wasn’t going to even say anything on my blog about it because there is so many shops in the forums on Etsy saying how talking about it is what is driving away buyers. And in my opinion that just isn’t true. I am a buyer on Etsy, I try very hard to get my buttons and yarn supplies either locally or from other etsy artists. I no longer feel comfortable doing this. I don’t have the time to investigate every shop that I wish to buy from to make sure they are indeed handmade. And as a buyer I’d be upset if the shops I buy from where not distressed about this! So this is why i’m sharing it with others, buyers should be aware that they are going to have to be very careful when buying on Etsy. It is unfortunate but true.

Since this all started my views have been horrendous! I used to have over 100+ views a day from Etsy’s search engine now i’m lucky if I get 5. My items are no longer being found and people say that these new rules and this scandal is not hurting their shops, well it’s hurting mine. And I do not blame buyers at all for leaving Etsy they are losing their credibility every day they do nothing about this horrible situation. People will say it’s the negative forum posts driving the buyers away but that simply is not the case, this has been all over the national news here in the US, it’s now on Wikipedia and I’ve been seeing it pop up on blogs all over the place.

I no longer feel passionate about promoting Etsy, so I wont. My shop will remain open until I launch my new website

At first I got very mad about this issue, but now i’m just sad and disappointed that a venue that housed so many great artists has sold out and is slowly becoming the next Ebay. It’s truly unfortunate that greed, money and power control and run everything we do.


Oh and before I post all of the links the reseller in question had her “lawyer” send cease and desist letters to anyone talking bad about her … well a lawyer responded to it and it’s hilarious, best thing i’ve ever seen.

So here are the links


This is the most updated post about the scandal

Original article from Regretsy

No you cease and desist

The place she’s buying her “handmade furniture from”



I look forward to launching my own .com and who knows, maybe Etsy will turn this around and go back to it’s roots and be a true handmade marketplace.  If you want to buy from my shop but do not wish to have your money going to etsy with their fees and such please feel free to contact me i’d be happy to work with you. This is what I am doing with the shops I buy yarn from.



It’s been a rainy few days so the seedlings have been inside and some of the veggies just started popping up!

This is one of the Yellow Pear Tomatoes

This is one of the cucmbers

These are some Roma Tomatoes

These are some random morning glories (i’m slightly obsessed) and some random bulbs i dont remember what they were haha but they were super tall.

and Basil, lots of it

Blurry I know, but since it SNOWED the other day i brought all the herbs inside. And by some miracle the cat managed to stay off the herb table!




Lavender is about to bloom i think!!!



all for now folks, i don’t want to put anything in the garden until we have a fence around it. But more stuff soon!!! Pinky promise!





Work in Progress

Since the weather has been so uncooperative I’ve been working on things inside the house and things with the shop. Yesterday I got a lot of knitting done and hopefully will be launching a new website soon!


When I was at the craft store I found all these pastel colors, great for spring! I just couldn’t resist and I don’t have many multi-colored scarves in the shop so I figured I’d give it a try! It’s my favorite bamboo yarn very light and silky!


Still not done yet, I’ve got a few more colors to add and it’s already 6ft long!!


My plan is to paint one of the walls in my office white as a photo backdrop. The other 3 walls will be purple. I’m really excited to have an artistic space for my work. First I need to get a mannequin so I can take pictures by myself without waiting for James to have free time. I’ve heard from multiple people that they prefer to see scarves and things you wear on a model. It’s much easier to visualize how the product will look on the buyer, but with a mannequin i’d do both but i’d be able to at least get the shots with the mannequin listed much sooner.



All of our snow has melted from yesterday, and according to this morning’s news we should be warming up and be back to our normal weather soon. Which is great news! I have some tomato seedlings that are starting to pop up inside and a cucumber but I’ve got so much more to plant!






If you are interested in anything from my shop all of my blog readers get free shipping using the coupon code WORDPRESS. Free shipping is international not just domestic! And if you’re interested in a custom piece feel free to send me an email!

Snow … Seriously …

Well.. so much for my beautiful flower garden …. It’s snowing here in Tennessee … just the other day it was in the 80’s, that’s right 80’s and that’s up in the mountains … now, it’s below freezing and the snow is coming down like it used to in Maine …

this was just the beginning, just a few minutes after it started snowing

Luckily i haven’t planted anything in the garden yet, but we did put the screen-house and patio furniture out last night .. hopefully nothing blows away


the rake fell over … but i really don’t want to go out in my sandals to stand it upright … but i’m going to have to find some boots if it continues to snow much longer.

I’m not entirely sure my clothes are going to dry … and the wind keeps blowing everything away, no matter how many clothes pins I use.

The new screen house, hopefully it wont blow away.

so much snow 😦 … and it’s not even that much ….



On a more pleasant note, I did some painting in the living room!


I took a ton of pictures, but none of them do the color justice. Light Green Tea, is the name of the color. The room isn’t finished, but i’ll probably do that today since the weather outside is so horrible.




A Garden with a Plan

I did it, I made a plan, and a plan I’m going to stick to!

Now since this is just a plan and hasn’t been put into action yet I don’t have many pictures for you. BUT we can use our imagination, i’ll try to explain myself well ❤ I much prefer pictures to words but we’ll work with what we’ve got.

So this is the plot of land we’re using for the garden, it’s behind the garage/shop building. In the far right hand corner is where the 2 adult pear trees and 4 adult apple trees are. On the far left there is a young pear tree 2 unknown bushes and a large blueberry bush. I’m thinking the other two are some sort of berry as well, maybe even a different type of blueberry but we wont know for certain until they start producing fruit. There is also a grape vine but we’ll get to that in a moment.

This is the garden after it had been tilled for the first time in 3+ years we’re going to fertilize it this weekend if the weather cooperates.  We are still doing a lot of reclaiming of the back yard there was a large brush pile we had to burn and there’s still a lot of rotting wood and brush that needs to be burned and it’ll make the place look 1000 times better!

Now, since it’s just James and I this garden is much larger than we need so we wont be using all of it. My hope is to do semi-raised beds for all of the different crops which will make weeding and keepings things organized much easier for me. It also is more attractive in my opinion.


This is more along the lines of what I was thinking, we are planning to fence in the garden to keep critters out I don’t trust my cat to  leave anything alone and there are wild animals as well.This is a little more elaborate than i’d do like we wont have any trees in the garden or anything but you get the idea with the separate beds.

This is more accurate with what we want to do but we wont need to do fully raised beds we’ll just be doing some edging.

So now for what we’re putting in the garden, most of these I have already started as seedlings out on the kitchen deck. If the scanner was up and running i could just show you the plots i have drawn out but there isn’t enough coffee yet to fight with electronics haha. So a list it is.

Asparagus Bed
Yellow pear tomatoes
Roma tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Green onions
Blue Potatoes
Red Onions
Salad Greens
Green Beans

So that’s the garden plan and doesn’t include any of the fruit trees and stuff. We also have some grapes growing but right now they’re a little too close to the apple trees and we’d like to train it onto a nice trellis. This is what it looks like now

I’m not sure what kind of grapes these are but i’d like to get some red seedless grapes once we have a trellis.



So, that’s it for the garden right now that’s pretty much the plan in a nutshell. So let’s switch gears and talk about knitting for a bit.

I have the shop back up and running, but haven’t listed any new stuff yet but i’ve been working on a lot of new scarves and have a few new plans.  I also have a few cabled travel mug sleeves that I need to photograph and list but since picknic is no longer active i’m not sure what i’m going to use for a photo editing site. I have a program on the mac I might try. Anyone with suggestions i’m glad to hear them!
Before I closed the shop down because of the move I did get a chance to list more mug cozy’s and bracelets so take a peek if you are so inclined. I’m also completely caught up on custom orders so i’m prepared to take custom orders as well.

As always all of my readers get free shipping! Even internationally!
Just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out!




I’m baaaack! and I have lots to share!

I know you missed me! You can admit it it’s okay.

So as you can tell I haven’t updated in a while! BUT it’s for good reason! We bought a house!!!!!

So let the renovation blog posts begin!!!

OH and we got a puppy!!! She’s so adorable, 4 month old lab mix we rescued from the local humane society.

So let’s walk through these past few weeks with pictures shall we!

Meet Athena, our adorable 4 month old!

James walking Athena.
This is the road we live on now ❤

Our new house! Lots to do, lots to do!
Now, picture the house with a new coat of paint and no wheelchair ramp.

Once we fix the pressure washer I’ll be painting the house, we’re thinking a nice chessnut shade of brown. Antique white trim.
I painted our front door blue last week. The porch needs a little more work, just a nail here and there and needs to also be re-stained.

 another shot of the front of the house

The new blue front door!
Blue doors with white trim signified witch safe houses ❤

A shot from the side yard, that ugly tree on the right is going to go away so you can see the backyard more.
This weekend we should have the fence for the back yard finished, and I’m ordering rose hedges today!

We also have been tilling the garden every weekend, we need some fertilizer which if it’s nice i think we’ll get more this weekend.

And we’ve got 3 pear trees, some blue berry bushes, and 4 apple trees out back near the garden.
And when I put in the order for the Rose hedge i’m also ordering 4 new citrus trees Lemon, lime, orange and tangerine.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If the Sun ever comes out today i’ll take some more pictures of the back yard. We have lots of cleaning up to do, the yard and house both need some TLC

Now that i’ve got a new camera ❤ I’ll be much better about the before and after pictures promise!