I’m baaaack! and I have lots to share!

I know you missed me! You can admit it it’s okay.

So as you can tell I haven’t updated in a while! BUT it’s for good reason! We bought a house!!!!!

So let the renovation blog posts begin!!!

OH and we got a puppy!!! She’s so adorable, 4 month old lab mix we rescued from the local humane society.

So let’s walk through these past few weeks with pictures shall we!

Meet Athena, our adorable 4 month old!

James walking Athena.
This is the road we live on now ❤

Our new house! Lots to do, lots to do!
Now, picture the house with a new coat of paint and no wheelchair ramp.

Once we fix the pressure washer I’ll be painting the house, we’re thinking a nice chessnut shade of brown. Antique white trim.
I painted our front door blue last week. The porch needs a little more work, just a nail here and there and needs to also be re-stained.

 another shot of the front of the house

The new blue front door!
Blue doors with white trim signified witch safe houses ❤

A shot from the side yard, that ugly tree on the right is going to go away so you can see the backyard more.
This weekend we should have the fence for the back yard finished, and I’m ordering rose hedges today!

We also have been tilling the garden every weekend, we need some fertilizer which if it’s nice i think we’ll get more this weekend.

And we’ve got 3 pear trees, some blue berry bushes, and 4 apple trees out back near the garden.
And when I put in the order for the Rose hedge i’m also ordering 4 new citrus trees Lemon, lime, orange and tangerine.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If the Sun ever comes out today i’ll take some more pictures of the back yard. We have lots of cleaning up to do, the yard and house both need some TLC

Now that i’ve got a new camera ❤ I’ll be much better about the before and after pictures promise!



3 thoughts on “I’m baaaack! and I have lots to share!

  1. Congrats on the new home and precious new addition! Good luck with the never ending list of To-Do’s. I am sure you will have fun getting this little piece of heaven the wy you want it.
    Peach State

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