Snow … Seriously …

Well.. so much for my beautiful flower garden …. It’s snowing here in Tennessee … just the other day it was in the 80’s, that’s right 80’s and that’s up in the mountains … now, it’s below freezing and the snow is coming down like it used to in Maine …

this was just the beginning, just a few minutes after it started snowing

Luckily i haven’t planted anything in the garden yet, but we did put the screen-house and patio furniture out last night .. hopefully nothing blows away


the rake fell over … but i really don’t want to go out in my sandals to stand it upright … but i’m going to have to find some boots if it continues to snow much longer.

I’m not entirely sure my clothes are going to dry … and the wind keeps blowing everything away, no matter how many clothes pins I use.

The new screen house, hopefully it wont blow away.

so much snow 😦 … and it’s not even that much ….



On a more pleasant note, I did some painting in the living room!


I took a ton of pictures, but none of them do the color justice. Light Green Tea, is the name of the color. The room isn’t finished, but i’ll probably do that today since the weather outside is so horrible.





4 thoughts on “Snow … Seriously …

  1. Oh my goodness! You must be up in the eastern part of the state. I saw our midstate weather report Saturday, and they did say the Nor’Easter *might* dip as far down as the very northeastern tip of the state, but I figured they were just creating one final “milk-and-bread run” for the season! We’re in for a possible frost tonight but none of the white stuff. Hope your garden perks up and grows well after this spate of nasty weather πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, you should be bouncing back soon. We’re supposed to be up to 80 by Wednesday, so a day or two later should see your temps swinging up, too. Sometimes those late spring snowstorms are a pleasant way to bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. But not if you already have stuff blooming. Hope you get to enjoy some real spring weather after it melts.

  2. The weather all around the US has been just crazy up and down, one day freezing the next day 80 degrees! Hoping it will settle in soon. Loving the green on your wall!

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