Work in Progress

Since the weather has been so uncooperative I’ve been working on things inside the house and things with the shop. Yesterday I got a lot of knitting done and hopefully will be launching a new website soon!


When I was at the craft store I found all these pastel colors, great for spring! I just couldn’t resist and I don’t have many multi-colored scarves in the shop so I figured I’d give it a try! It’s my favorite bamboo yarn very light and silky!


Still not done yet, I’ve got a few more colors to add and it’s already 6ft long!!


My plan is to paint one of the walls in my office white as a photo backdrop. The other 3 walls will be purple. I’m really excited to have an artistic space for my work. First I need to get a mannequin so I can take pictures by myself without waiting for James to have free time. I’ve heard from multiple people that they prefer to see scarves and things you wear on a model. It’s much easier to visualize how the product will look on the buyer, but with a mannequin i’d do both but i’d be able to at least get the shots with the mannequin listed much sooner.



All of our snow has melted from yesterday, and according to this morning’s news we should be warming up and be back to our normal weather soon. Which is great news! I have some tomato seedlings that are starting to pop up inside and a cucumber but I’ve got so much more to plant!






If you are interested in anything from my shop all of my blog readers get free shipping using the coupon code WORDPRESS. Free shipping is international not just domestic! And if you’re interested in a custom piece feel free to send me an email!


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