First BBQ of the Season!

Our dear friend Katie came down this weekend to pay us a visit. ¬†That’s her in the blue. Sunday we made mini burgers and chicken skewers and had a proper BBQ on our new grill.

Amazing chicken skewers with yellow peppers, orange peppers, onion, and mushrooms. Oh and of course chicken.

So have I mentioned how much I love this grill? It’s pretty much amazing. I miss having a gas range and this is almost like having one back. Tonight I plan on cooking up some chicken and veggies with corn grilled in the husks. Yum Yum Yum.

We had a great visit with Katie and it turned out to be a lovely sunny hot weekend. We found this lovely brew at the store and just couldn’t resist. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as good as i’d expected. Cool label though ūüôā

New things in the gardens!

I went out onto the porch this morning and was delighted to see this beautiful Lily!




The snapdragons are now re-blooming! First time they bloomed this spring they were bright red, I didn’t know they would change colors when they re-bloomed but i’m glad they did I love the white!



And down to the vegetable garden we go …

Got my first glimpse of a baby bell pepper this morning! There are actually 2 already on this plant, none yet on the other plants.

I walked the gardens yesterday and I swear these weren’t here yesterday but they are all over the potato bed this morning! Lots and lots of Purple Potatoes!

I’m pleased to say the grape vine has exploded! There are lots and lots of bunches already and it’s still very early!

The blueberry tree has hundreds of blueberries on it and I can’t wait until they are ripe!

And since I was walking around the yard with my camera anyway so I snapped a few pictures of the back deck where all the herbs are





Fruit Trees and House Projects

The painting in the living room is FINALLY DONE! I’m not sure how it took me that long, but it’s finished! Unfortunately there isn’t much light in the living room so getting a decent picture was more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve also got the front porch looking kind of how I want it to, both flower beds have been mulched and planted though nothing is quite blooming yet, the Lilly’s should be blooming soon though! Plus we got 4 new fruit trees!! Yay. and the garden has been completely planted!

The living room





































































The front of the house, in the middle of painting the trim





































oops the rug is crooked but you get the idea, and i think i’m going to paint the back porch door blue as well




















Finished painting the rocking chair Terra Cotta Red, not a few hours later a bird pooped on it






























I know i’ve posted pictures of the blue door before but I just couldn’t resist I love my front door!






























The garden beds are all planted now! The far part of the garden is going to be pumpkins, squash and melons i just haven’t gotten that far yet


















And finally some new dwarf fruit trees! There’s Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Orange

Veggie, herb, and flower garden!

This is what I did today, well I didn’t get all of this done, but a good chunk of it. I got Cucumbers, Peppers, Roma Tomatoes, Yellow Tomatoes, Spinach, Red Onions, and more Basil planted today. Along with more sunflowers and some more day lillies. Also got the flower garden weeded and cleaned up a bit.



My herbs so far


















Lemon Thyme is in the clay pot, you can see the creeping rosemary in the green pot, and in the yellow is basil




















Creeping Rosemary































Lots of new basil plants sprouting up, they’ll need new containers before long































The lavender, which smells amazing, and the ugly fence (the rose hedges should be coming in any time now)































































There’s some Cilantro, Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, and basil.


















The plants on the bottom steps are full of wild flowers, on the top step is a really pretty pink flowering thing I can’t remember the name of, in the red pot next to the door is a pot of Lily of the Valley, and the small pot on the railing has a pink spotted plant and of course the fern Isis calls a bed.


















Weed free with lots of new stuff popping up!


































































and lastly tall day lily type flowers (don’t remember exactly) with morning glories in the front



Until next time



Herbs, Seeds, and Tea OH MY

A new shop venture perhaps? It’s a thought I’ve had dancing around in the back of my mind for a while now. I’ve always wanted to make my own loose leaf tea, and I already have an herb garden it’d be easy to add the herbs that i’d need for tea to it. I’m in no way ready to start a shop today, or even in a month, but maybe someday. I’m growing all sorts of herbs right now and I plan on drying them and using them myself but I was thinking that there might be a market for dried herbs, and possibly seeds and eventually teas or even homemade seasoning mixes.

With the dollar worth less and less these days I think people are becoming much more picky about where they spend their money. Many people, myself included, want to know exactly where their money is going.

So what about when it comes to food … don’t you want to know exactly where your food is coming from. Or in the case of herbs, where are they grown? What are they grown in? What kind of¬†pesticides¬†or chemicals are used if any? How are they dried, packaged and shipped? How fresh are they?

You can’t exactly get all these answers from mass produced makers can you?

I’d like to have something by winter, I’m going to start¬†experimenting (and by that i mean actually writing down the mixtures¬†I’ve¬†already created)¬†with different herbs and spice mixtures and all of the ingredients will be from my garden.

My plan is to open another shop on Etsy, and to sell locally. I just opened another storefront on Zibbet today this way not all of my Buttons&YarnOHMY products are in the same place. Eggs in multiple baskets if you will.

New zibbet shop


I am also doing a craft fair the weekend after the wedding! So the end of next month, so I’m stocking up! Jewelry, dish cloths, lightweight scarves all things summery! … and this is my excuse as to why these posts are so few and far between lately.

I painted the bedroom yesterday, and once the room is put back together I’ll be able to share pictures ūüôā not to bad for an¬†amateur¬†if I do say so myself ¬†haha

And i’m off to crawl back into my pod chair with a cup of coffee and a ball of yarn ūüôā


Fashion inspiration

One of my friends is getting married next month and i’m excited to buy a new dress ‚̧ I was surprised how difficult it was to find something cute that wasn’t¬†ridiculously¬†expensive. Oh and I ordered my wedding dress!!

I found a cute dress for my friends wedding and matching accessories on Forever21. I hate shopping in their store because they have too much stuff and I find it way to overwhelming but shopping online works really well!

I’m also ordering a shirt and tie for James and the whole order total including shipping is all under $50!!!!! Can’t really get better than that!



So I mentioned my wedding dress. Handmade by an artist on etsy, I’m so excited. It’s going to be a super super small wedding, less than 20 people .. actually probably less than 10 people haha. We are getting married in front of this beautiful waterfall near our house. I’ll be wearing a white wrap dress, very greek goddess looking. And after the ceremony we’re having a BBQ at the house that’ll be a kind of wedding reception/housewarming party.

I ordered the dress and the headband this weekend. I can’t wait until they come in! and since the dress is a wrap dress I can wrap it however I want!






Progress in the Gardens!

I managed to get a little bit done on the garden yesterday, there’s still tons to do but maybe if the weather is cooperative I’ll get some more done today!


I also found some new flowers in the flower garden out front.


The garden first thing this morning. Most of the beds still need to be leveled. We have the fence half way up but need to get more fencing. And as you can tell I desperately need to mow the lawn around the garden haha, there are still too many rocks near the side of the garden to mow so i need to do that first. You can also see the canning shed off to the right there, desperately needs a new coat of paint and a new roof.

Another shot of the garden

Yellow Peppers


Asparagus bed

I even got some blue potatoes planted


The mystery flower that bloomed this morning. I thought it was just decorative grass. When I was planting new stuff in the garden I kept finding bulbs so I just left them and this is one of them.

I dont remember the name of these off the top of my head but they have survived below freezing weather and snow! haha. I planted them way to early and we got some random snow late in the spring. I’m glad they are still doing so well.


Things are growing like crazy! There are snapdraggons in the potted plant and all of the little things you see sprouting up are wild flowers, violets, daisy’s, cosmos. Tons of stuff. I can’t wait until they are all flowering

Lots of new growth!



Today I hope to get the red onions planted. And I also have some honey-do Mellon, and watermelon to plant, and some cucumbers and eggplant that should be big enough now to live in the garden.