Progress in the Gardens!

I managed to get a little bit done on the garden yesterday, there’s still tons to do but maybe if the weather is cooperative I’ll get some more done today!


I also found some new flowers in the flower garden out front.


The garden first thing this morning. Most of the beds still need to be leveled. We have the fence half way up but need to get more fencing. And as you can tell I desperately need to mow the lawn around the garden haha, there are still too many rocks near the side of the garden to mow so i need to do that first. You can also see the canning shed off to the right there, desperately needs a new coat of paint and a new roof.

Another shot of the garden

Yellow Peppers


Asparagus bed

I even got some blue potatoes planted


The mystery flower that bloomed this morning. I thought it was just decorative grass. When I was planting new stuff in the garden I kept finding bulbs so I just left them and this is one of them.

I dont remember the name of these off the top of my head but they have survived below freezing weather and snow! haha. I planted them way to early and we got some random snow late in the spring. I’m glad they are still doing so well.


Things are growing like crazy! There are snapdraggons in the potted plant and all of the little things you see sprouting up are wild flowers, violets, daisy’s, cosmos. Tons of stuff. I can’t wait until they are all flowering

Lots of new growth!



Today I hope to get the red onions planted. And I also have some honey-do Mellon, and watermelon to plant, and some cucumbers and eggplant that should be big enough now to live in the garden.


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