Herbs, Seeds, and Tea OH MY

A new shop venture perhaps? It’s a thought I’ve had dancing around in the back of my mind for a while now. I’ve always wanted to make my own loose leaf tea, and I already have an herb garden it’d be easy to add the herbs that i’d need for tea to it. I’m in no way ready to start a shop today, or even in a month, but maybe someday. I’m growing all sorts of herbs right now and I plan on drying them and using them myself but I was thinking that there might be a market for dried herbs, and possibly seeds and eventually teas or even homemade seasoning mixes.

With the dollar worth less and less these days I think people are becoming much more picky about where they spend their money. Many people, myself included, want to know exactly where their money is going.

So what about when it comes to food … don’t you want to know exactly where your food is coming from. Or in the case of herbs, where are they grown? What are they grown in? What kind of pesticides or chemicals are used if any? How are they dried, packaged and shipped? How fresh are they?

You can’t exactly get all these answers from mass produced makers can you?

I’d like to have something by winter, I’m going to start experimenting (and by that i mean actually writing down the mixtures I’ve already created) with different herbs and spice mixtures and all of the ingredients will be from my garden.

My plan is to open another shop on Etsy, and to sell locally. I just opened another storefront on Zibbet today this way not all of my Buttons&YarnOHMY products are in the same place. Eggs in multiple baskets if you will.

New zibbet shop http://www.zibbet.com/ButtonsandYarn


I am also doing a craft fair the weekend after the wedding! So the end of next month, so I’m stocking up! Jewelry, dish cloths, lightweight scarves all things summery! … and this is my excuse as to why these posts are so few and far between lately.

I painted the bedroom yesterday, and once the room is put back together I’ll be able to share pictures 🙂 not to bad for an amateur if I do say so myself  haha

And i’m off to crawl back into my pod chair with a cup of coffee and a ball of yarn 🙂



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