Fruit Trees and House Projects

The painting in the living room is FINALLY DONE! I’m not sure how it took me that long, but it’s finished! Unfortunately there isn’t much light in the living room so getting a decent picture was more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve also got the front porch looking kind of how I want it to, both flower beds have been mulched and planted though nothing is quite blooming yet, the Lilly’s should be blooming soon though! Plus we got 4 new fruit trees!! Yay. and the garden has been completely planted!

The living room





































































The front of the house, in the middle of painting the trim





































oops the rug is crooked but you get the idea, and i think i’m going to paint the back porch door blue as well




















Finished painting the rocking chair Terra Cotta Red, not a few hours later a bird pooped on it






























I know i’ve posted pictures of the blue door before but I just couldn’t resist I love my front door!






























The garden beds are all planted now! The far part of the garden is going to be pumpkins, squash and melons i just haven’t gotten that far yet


















And finally some new dwarf fruit trees! There’s Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Orange


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