New things in the gardens!

I went out onto the porch this morning and was delighted to see this beautiful Lily!




The snapdragons are now re-blooming! First time they bloomed this spring they were bright red, I didn’t know they would change colors when they re-bloomed but i’m glad they did I love the white!



And down to the vegetable garden we go …

Got my first glimpse of a baby bell pepper this morning! There are actually 2 already on this plant, none yet on the other plants.

I walked the gardens yesterday and I swear these weren’t here yesterday but they are all over the potato bed this morning! Lots and lots of Purple Potatoes!

I’m pleased to say the grape vine has exploded! There are lots and lots of bunches already and it’s still very early!

The blueberry tree has hundreds of blueberries on it and I can’t wait until they are ripe!

And since I was walking around the yard with my camera anyway so I snapped a few pictures of the back deck where all the herbs are






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