Gardens, Crafts and Weddings OH MY

This month is the definition of crazy busy. There is just not enough time in a day, or in a week or in a month. This weekend is my friends wedding, next weekend the fencing company is coming to install the privacy fence, weekend after that is our wedding, and the weekend after that is my first craft fair.

Okay i’m going to start with a garden update, simply because that’s what I have pictures of ❤ Starting with the flower garden out front.

The wild flowers are starting to bloom.

And the morning glories are creeping

Lots of creeping morning glories

Lilies everywhere!  (ignore the weeds)

The snap dragons are doing beautifully!

Pretty pretty snapdragons

Lamp post with vivica vine, and morning glories in the basket and morning glories around the bottom.

And moving to the back yard.

Finally weeded around the garden. We are planning on half the garden being the semi raised garden beds with stones or tiles of some kind as walk ways. And the other side of the garden will be just be open garden style for pumpkins, squash, and watermelon type vegetables.

There are a lot of weeds where the beds aren’t, which i’m working on, eventually we’ll be putting down some sort of stone pavers or something as walkways.


The 3 tomato plants are doing great I need to weed some more but the plants themselves are doing well. No fruit yet but it’s still early.

The biggest cucumber plant so far.

The purple potatoes are growing wonderfully, that bare patch in the middle is where the neighbors dogs decided to dig under 2 fences to get into my garden. Hopefully i’ll get some more planted that wont be destroyed.

The red onions seem to be doing well.

I forgot to put a marker in this bed so these are either peas or beans .. but i’m pretty sure they’re peas

Close up, of what i’m pretty sure are Peas

Spinach bed! Doing very well.

And i’m pretty sure these are the beans

The beans!

Sweet Peppers!

The semi raised beds so far

The blueberries are starting to get more blue!

And the apple trees are starting to produce fruit! We’re not sure how good the apples will be the trees really need to be pruned and need some love but there’s not much we can do until the trees go dormant.

And there used to be 2 big dead trees right there that we took down last weekend. The plan over here is to build the deck up some more and put the pool in over here.


So that’s the garden and yard update. Hopefully the pool will maybe be up before our wedding but I have no idea if that’s a possibility with everything else going on. First priority is the fence.

Prep for the craft fair is meh, i’m going to put my etsy shop on vacation and take all of my inventory with me. And i’m knitting like crazy I have less than 200 items to sell and it just doesn’t seem like enough.

Then there’s out wedding. I need to make a task list and just go from there because it’s just super overwhelming to think about haha. We aren’t doing anything big or anything but still. But instead of an engagement ring I got this:

The story goes, James proposed well over a year ago with a ring pop when we were first driving to TN, I said yes of course. But then I ate the ring pop. The second time he proposed was with this beautiful birthstone ring I’ve been wearing for years, then I took it off to cook, now I can’t find it. And that is exactly why I didn’t want a ring, because the minute something is important is disappears. Tattoos you can lose 🙂





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