Craft fair madness

So. The show starts Friday evening,  set up is Friday morning and ill be heading into the city armed with my entire knit inventory plus some of my new original artwork tomorrow mid morning. There is still a zillion things left to do. This is my list so far…

Adding price tags to everything
finishing a TN university scarf
6 dishcloths need to be knitted
Packing up the tent and display tables
Paint 5 wine bottle vases
Pack up all inventory
pack up supplies
Pack bags and ribbon and tissue paper
I’m spending the night on the city so I have to pack clothes and all that fun stuff
cant forget business cards or work apron
Find battery operated led lights

I feel like I’m forgetting things….

Need lots of coffee I’m thinking toning is going to be an all nighter.

Also this is my first post from my kindle ap 🙂 so cool!


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