Opening a new SHOP!!!!

That’s right! On etsy! It’ll be for dried herbs and spices, homemade teas, seasonings. All with no preservatives, no chemicals!


I’ll be launching this fall, I have herbs drying now. By late August early September the shop should be fully stocked! And I have the greenhouse so I’ll be able to continue to grow all winter long 🙂

I am currently drying Basil, Lavender,  and Sage.


I also have Lemon Thyme, Rosemary and Chives growing.


I am gladly taking requests for herbs to grow please leave a comment here or message me on etsy with your request!!



New Headbands!

I made a handful of new headbands before the craft show a few weeks back and finally got around to listing the ones that didn’t sell at the show.














All of these and more and now listed in the shop for $5.50 a piece, great for both kids and adults.



As always wordpress readers get free shipping! Just use coupon code WORDPRESS



Fruits of my Labor

So we seem to have run out of groceries this week, and my truck isn’t registered yet so I haven’t been able to go grocery shopping. Basically we’ve been living off pasta, chicken salad, and mac n cheese. Not very healthy and our garden is just now starting to produce more food. Since we’ve basically gone though all of our non perishables this is a great opportunity to start fresh. We’ve always been on again off again clean diets. We try to avoid anything with preservatives but unfortunately healthy food is much more expensive, not to mention more time consuming then fresh clean food. We’ll stick to the “clean diet” for about a week or more but then we fall off the wagon so to speak, but not this time. With the help of the garden i’m hoping it will actually be less expensive to eat clean. It’ll be a complete lifestyle change but one we’re willing to make. Since we’re an hour away from a grocery store we’ll also have to do a lot of planning ahead.


So being completely out of food I went to scavenge in the garden and happily found cucumbers, peas and a tomato!

Raw, Clean, and yummy!! Not exactly a balanced meal but it’ll be fine for a day.


I can’t wait to try some of these cool recipes I found that are completely clean! Like, Strawberry Cupcakes, Lettus Wraps, Homemade Granola, Homemade Vitamin Water. The biggest challenge I think will be packing healthy lunches for James. Thanks to pinterest I have a never ending supply of ideas 🙂




Peasant Skirts and the Boho Chic look

A dear friend of mine and fellow artist (Huggie, from has completely made my summer by letting me borrow her sewing machine. I’ve been holding out forever to buy one simply because i’m terrified i’ll use it for a week then never touch it again. But I’d really like to expand my shop to more than just knit items (like backing some winter cowls with fleece), I’ve already listed some of my new paintings that i’d been holding off on forever but I brought them to the craft show and got a ton of positive feedback so I listed some of the smaller paintings. I’m terrified to ship the larger prints, i’ve gotten some pretty mangled parcels from USPS  in the past and I’d be really upset if that’s how one of my paintings arrived to a customer.

So the sewing machine. I want to make my own clothes, simple stuff, wrap skirts and dresses, peasant tops and tank tops, nothing flashy or fancy just the basics. and I just can’t find that stuff online that’s reasonably priced. I also want a cape, more specifically a travelers cloak. I’ve got my dream closet on pinterest that I’ve been pulling inspiration from. . I love fashion and style and beauty and I think i’m finally finding my own unique style. I’ve graduated from graphic tshirts and jeans! Yay! Etsy has been a wonderful place to find some of these pieces and fingers crossed some might just be making their way into my closet soon!

Some of my favorites from Etsy for this boho chic look:

I’ve got a ton more too, you can view all of  my etsy favorites at:


Sneak peak at nail polish for this week:

The Greenhouse project

And my project for this week is cleaning out and re-vamping the greenhouse! It’s July and i’m already thinking about fall and winter. Last year the first frost was in late November so we should have plenty of time to finish the Greenhouse and get some hotboxes built in the garden so we can have fresh veggies all winter.

So completely gut out the interior fix some boards here and there and replace some of the panels.

First order of business is to spray all the hornets nests .. fun fun fun


Post Craft Show

We didnt’ take many pictures at the show. It was incredibly hot so our brains were kind of fried.


Heather’s beautiful paper flowers and broaches! I have one made from a page from a graphic novel 🙂

Our Booth!

Me on our last day sitting next to my new art.


Huggies Headbands!


Cool shot of my bracelets!


More headbands

Picture hangers!



So that was our weekend in pictures. Only imagine it 107 degrees and they cancelled the fireworks and most of the musical acts for the festival cancelled at the last minute because of the heat. So there weren’t nearly as many people as their should have been.

The next show we’re doing is Octoberfest in Kingsport which is at the end of September. Then the Cranberry Festival in Shady Valley is the second weekend in October. Then the Christmas show in Jonesburough


Links to our online shop:


Grey Nail Polish

It’s a little dark for summer, but I saw it in the store when I was picking up this cool Tiffany Blue color and I totally fell in love!



This is the first time I’ve seen this brand. I love OPI but it’s like $8 a bottle 😦 so I usually can’t bring myself to buy it. I’ve been buying Revlon because it’s like 2 dollars but it chips in a few days. Granted i’m not exactly gentle on my nails what with the gardening and housecleaning and stuff. But so far I’m kind of in love with Maybelline no chips so far and it’s hardened really well! not to mention it’s very pretty! oh, and did i mention it’s only $3 at walmart 🙂 yeah, awesome!


When this starts to chip I’ll probably either paint my nails the new Tiffany Blue I got OR the lighter Grey i’m not entirely sure yet.



Happy 4th everyone!!!






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