Post Craft Show

We didnt’ take many pictures at the show. It was incredibly hot so our brains were kind of fried.


Heather’s beautiful paper flowers and broaches! I have one made from a page from a graphic novel 🙂

Our Booth!

Me on our last day sitting next to my new art.


Huggies Headbands!


Cool shot of my bracelets!


More headbands

Picture hangers!



So that was our weekend in pictures. Only imagine it 107 degrees and they cancelled the fireworks and most of the musical acts for the festival cancelled at the last minute because of the heat. So there weren’t nearly as many people as their should have been.

The next show we’re doing is Octoberfest in Kingsport which is at the end of September. Then the Cranberry Festival in Shady Valley is the second weekend in October. Then the Christmas show in Jonesburough


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2 thoughts on “Post Craft Show

  1. Hiu, Michaela!
    I love your bookpage roses… awww!!!
    Your tent looked great, you are very talented!
    I am bad at detailed stuff, I think the best craft i did was my burlap wreath.
    Too bad about the heat! Here in Vancouver we have the opposite, rain, rain, rain!

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