Fruits of my Labor

So we seem to have run out of groceries this week, and my truck isn’t registered yet so I haven’t been able to go grocery shopping. Basically we’ve been living off pasta, chicken salad, and mac n cheese. Not very healthy and our garden is just now starting to produce more food. Since we’ve basically gone though all of our non perishables this is a great opportunity to start fresh. We’ve always been on again off again clean diets. We try to avoid anything with preservatives but unfortunately healthy food is much more expensive, not to mention more time consuming then fresh clean food. We’ll stick to the “clean diet” for about a week or more but then we fall off the wagon so to speak, but not this time. With the help of the garden i’m hoping it will actually be less expensive to eat clean. It’ll be a complete lifestyle change but one we’re willing to make. Since we’re an hour away from a grocery store we’ll also have to do a lot of planning ahead.


So being completely out of food I went to scavenge in the garden and happily found cucumbers, peas and a tomato!

Raw, Clean, and yummy!! Not exactly a balanced meal but it’ll be fine for a day.


I can’t wait to try some of these cool recipes I found that are completely clean! Like, Strawberry Cupcakes, Lettus Wraps, Homemade Granola, Homemade Vitamin Water. The biggest challenge I think will be packing healthy lunches for James. Thanks to pinterest I have a never ending supply of ideas 🙂





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