Fall Vegetables in the garden!

Since we don’t see winter here until December, possibly late November. I planted some pumpkins, and 2 different types of winter squash a bit later than I normally would have.

I got 2 bales of hay today and have spent most of the day working on that, and weeding around the raised beds.

It’s getting a little too hot out now to keep working, I’ll probably go back out later tonight after dinner maybe.

Our lone pumpkin plant. Out of a packet of seeds we only got one plant. Which has been the trend this year it seems. Our garden needs a lot of help this year, which was surprising because it had been a garden for years. But I think the previous owner used chemicals to treat their garden instead of using organics. I’m also hoping this will help keep some of the weeds at bay, and at the very least make them easier to pull up. I should have done this first thing this spring but we had just moved in so things were a bit chaotic. Hopefully next season will be better for crops.


Winter Squash

as you can see i need to put more hay down, which hopefully will be done tonight 🙂


Next year I need to stagger planting my vegetables more so we are getting a constant harvest instead of all at once which is what it kind of turned out to be this year.

This weekend we’re continuing our work on the greenhouse and hopefully getting some hotboxes going with spinach and lettus in them.





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