Super Classy Dinner

So, James is away with his father for a few days. Which means I get super duper lazy about cooking! We are talking a diet based on hot pockets, and pop tarts. Oh and Ben&Jerry’s !

So tonight I thought I’d class it up. And yes it is 11pm and i’m just now eating dinner. Mostly because I kind of ate Ice cream and teddy grahams earlier around dinner time.

So on the menu tonight (and i know the picture is dark, but i didn’t feel like turning the lights on) Grilled Cheese, Tomato soup, and a glass of wine to make it classy!

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Revamping my look

I need a major style update!

I know what I want to wear, it’s just a matter of doing it. Since I work from home my attire usually consists of PJ’s or tights and oversized sweaters. So i’m going to try and make my comfy look work to my advantage and dress it up a bit.

Basically I want my wardrobe to consist of:

Skinny Jeans
Oversized tops
Tall Boots
and pumps


Most of which I already have, I could use some more tights in my arsenal but I found some for 2 for 4 dollars at Charlotte Russe! I also just ordered some shoes from Charlotte Russe because they are having their buy one get one for $15 sale!

I plan on doing this for as cheaply as possible haha

I’m getting back into using polyvore to get myself organized and get some inspiration.

I just bought these boots, and this is the type of thing I want to wear, most of which I already own it’s just a matter of doing it haha

Hair Bows

I’ve just finished listing 12 new hair bows in my Etsy shop!








I had an absolute blast making all of these and I’m knitting more today! And after my trip to town this weekend I’ll be knitting more of the Extra Large bows ❤




If you are interested in these bows, or anything from my shop, all of my wordpress readers always get free shipping!

Just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you checkout! ❤



Braided Bangs

Not terribly good pictures, the lighting in the bathroom is terrible.

I’ve been straightening my hair more lately because it’s been getting very tangled, i’m due for a trim haha.

I’m still growing my bangs out and I’ve found that the side swept french braid works really well at keeping my bangs out of my face!

And once i fix the lighting situation in the bathroom i’ll do a makeup tutorial! ❤



I wear a bow tie now, Bow ties are cool

I’ve been playing with different types of stitches/textures for a while now and finally think i found one that’s a good fit for a nice sturdy knit bow tie.

Because like the Doctor says, bow ties are cool. I’ve ordered alligator clips, headbands and bow tie clips to go with these.

Right now I am knitting some Hogwarts House bows in the house colors. The first one i’m making is Slytherin and it’s just green with silver in the middle. 🙂

I’ll start listing these bad boys as soon as I get the clips in!


Just a quickie


So, I’ve gathered that having a 7 week old puppy that refuses to sleep unless being held (and cries non stop unless you’re holding him) is similar to having an infant … nothing we’ve tried has worked.

SO While I’m around to ship orders out I have nothing new being listed this week.

I am however taking this time to start work on some doggy sweater patterns! I’d like to focus on things for large dogs since that’s what I have. Great Danes have very thin fur and my puppy freezes when he goes outside even now and it’s only September! And all I can find are little toy dog type sweaters.

Though when he’s bigger a horse blanket will probably do the trick 🙂

And just as a reminder if you do wish to place a custom order for Christmas please do so as soon as possible! Custom orders are completed on a First Come First Serve basis! And if last year is any indication I will have to stop taking Custom Orders in late November so everything is ready well before the holidays!