Just a quickie


So, I’ve gathered that having a 7 week old puppy that refuses to sleep unless being held (and cries non stop unless you’re holding him) is similar to having an infant … nothing we’ve tried has worked.

SO While I’m around to ship orders out I have nothing new being listed this week.

I am however taking this time to start work on some doggy sweater patterns! I’d like to focus on things for large dogs since that’s what I have. Great Danes have very thin fur and my puppy freezes when he goes outside even now and it’s only September! And all I can find are little toy dog type sweaters.

Though when he’s bigger a horse blanket will probably do the trick 🙂

And just as a reminder if you do wish to place a custom order for Christmas please do so as soon as possible! Custom orders are completed on a First Come First Serve basis! And if last year is any indication I will have to stop taking Custom Orders in late November so everything is ready well before the holidays!


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. oh, Michaela!!!! When we brought our puppy home (german shepherd, now 11 months old)
    we put him inside a crate (dog crate), with blankets, and a t-shirt that my husband rubbed in his mom (the dog mom, lol) and siblings.
    Now, since he wants to be with YOU, you can put him in his crate with his blankets and add YOUR old t-shirt (work with it so it gets your scent) as a “safety” blanket. When he whinnes or cry, you tap on top of the crate. We did that and in 2 nights he stopped crying. Then we moved him outside of our bedroom. Good luck!!!

    • Yeah we tried that the first few nights and it doesnt’ seem to work. He’ll only be in the crate until he’s fully potty trained then he can sleep with the other dog.

      The only thing that seems to be working even a little bit is cuddling him until he falls asleep and putting him in the crate and praying he doesnt’ wake up.

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