Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national breast cancer awareness month. In honor of this I’ve made a coupon for 20% off everything in my shop.

I also just ordered a bunch of pink ribbon buttons that will go on mug cozies, hair bows, mittens, and whatever else I make this month.

Some of the pink products we have now:




I am currently in the middle of a pair of pink finger-less gloves. I’ll also be adding more pink bows this week, along with more cabled mug cozies.

The 50% off sale went brilliantly! It was really great. I’ve been using facebook ads as well and they seem to be doing well. I’m still trying to find more ways to generate traffic to my shop, other than facebook and twitter. So if anyone has any ideas i’d love to hear them!


So the coupon code for this month is THINKPINK20 and that gets you 20% off your entire purchase. All month long.




Also, I LOVE hearing your color suggestions. So if you’re browsing the shop and you notice I don’t have your favorite color please let me know 🙂


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