About Moi

I’m going to make this easy for you and just make a list

  • My name is Michaela
  • I live in Tennessee (originally from Maine)
  • I founded Buttons&YarnOHMY
  • I am a knit-aholic
  • I am obsessed with buttons
  • I love Harry Potter
  • and Lord of The Rings
  • and Dr Who
  • let’s just say I’m a geek
  • I also really love watching Top Gear (the UK version, the american version is rubbish)
  • I almost always have my nose stuck in a book
  • I love Disney movies
  • I can’t watch scary movies
  • I have an extensive zombie plan
  • I went to school for Culinary Arts
  • I love to bake
  • Luna Lovegood is my inspiration
  • I have a black cat named Isis
  • I love gardening
  • I’m learning to love Yoga

I am also a major coffee addict, so if you see me without a cup in my hand and it’s before 8am, back away slowly and don’t come back until you have coffee or a shot of espresso. =)

And as I think of more random things that you might like to know I’ll keep adding to the list ❤
If there’s anything you’d like to know about me please feel free to ask away =)

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