It’s just a band-aid

So I haven’t had health insurance for the past 6 years, therefor no doctors visits for me. I’m 23, healthy, happy, fit. I eat pretty well (we’re going to ignore the pint of starbucks ice cream i ate this morning) and i exercise daily.

I am now faced with the all too typical “treat it with a pill and move on” epidemic that has taken over this nation. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism yesterday. And this is how it all went down.

Doctor: oh, btw you’re going to get a call from the lab, you have Hypothyroidism. They’re going to need to know where to send your prescription. You’ll take it once a day, same time every day, for the rest of your life. And you’ll come back to see me in 6-8 weeks and we’ll check your levels again.

Me: umm … okay?

for some reason the only thing I think of to ask is “does this mean i’m at a greater risk for thyroid cancer” she said no.

I should have asked more questions of course, but I felt pretty blindsided. That and I was a bit distracted with the mammogram, and pelvic exam I was getting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon researching Hypothyroidism, and the different drugs prescribed. Now for me personally I prefer to try and correct any nutritional defficiencies or health issues naturally before pumping synthetic drugs into my system. For instance I used to have very very low iron levels, i added more iron rich foods to my diet (instead of taking a pill), now my iron levels are normal. Call me crazy but i’d rather change my diet, or add something to my lifestyle than pop a pill every day for the rest of my life with god knows what side effects.

Well the lab called later in the afternoon to ask where to send the script and at that point I was level headed enough to ask some questions. My TSH was 15.72 (normal is 0-3) and my T4 is .58 which apparently is normal. So they are prescribing Synthroid which is a synthetic drug that gives you T4. When I went to pick up my script I noticed they gave me Levothyroid which is the generic brand but has problems of its own and i’ll get into those later.

So from what I understand, T4 makes T3. My T4 levels are fine, so my body isn’t making the T3 out of the T4 it has. How is pumping more T4 into my body going to change that? Isn’t there a replacement I can take that has T3 if that’s what I’m missing. (there is, it’s called Amour and it’s a Natural Desiccated Thyroid medication <NDT>)


Something is inhibiting my body from producing T3, and I would like to now what it is. In a lot of cases it is Gluten and a Gluten free diet can fix that. If of course you are willing to change your lifestyle, which I would gladly do if it meant I wasn’t dependent on a drug.

 So some of the basic questions I asked myself, that i’m still finding answers to:

Is this a symptom of a bigger problem? For instance Celiac disease, or a vitamin D deficiency.

Are there alternative treatments instead of synthetic drugs? Detox, Amour, Paleo diet, gluten free/dairy free diet.


Now the other problem, and probably the larger picture, is that if I start taking this drug and it does “fix” my thyroid levels there are some pretty devastating side effects. and then we’d be treating the side effects with more pills. This snowballs out of control very quickly. For instance, Depression and Weight Gain are the most common side effects, so you treat the depression with anti – depressants which have their own side effects. And the weight gain can cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

According to a vast amount of case study’s I’ve read people who take high doses of thyroid medication are also taking anti depression medication, high blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds. (which is why those are the three i brought up in the paragraph above)

A lot of people are coming at me saying things like “this isn’t  a big deal”, “just take the meds and you’ll be fine” “tons of people have it” But why would you take a pill, a medication that wasn’t even explained to you for a disease that wasn’t explained to you, without exploring all other options. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your body to help it fix this naturally? If there is something I am eating that is blocking my thyroid from doing it’s job, and all I have to do to correct that is to change my diet isn’t that a better treatment than taking a pill for the rest of my life. A pill that has life altering side effects (side effects worse than the disease itself). Not to mention you’d be fixing the root problem instead of putting a band-aid on the symptom.


I have an appointment next week with another doctor, at a practice that specifically doesn’t throw pills at people and tries natural cures before pills. So we’ll see how that goes.


Pink Hair, Borderlands, HairBows, Election, and an all around update

So, to avoid negative posts about my frustration with politics I have avoided posting for the past few weeks.

And even with the election over I know about half of the US is complaining and bitching but NOT HERE!

Gary Johnson got over 1% off the votes (not much I know) BUT it’s the most a libertarian candidate has ever gotten. Anyway, it’s over. Now we have to see if congress can actually work together to get some things done. HA. Okay moving onto the fun stuff.


I dyed my hair pink!! And I don’t have really any decent pictures yet but soon hopefully.



This is of course not natural light, the pink is softer than this, not quite as bright after a few washes.
And I’m pretty sure this is about the only thing I HAVEN’T done to my hair yet. I hadn’t dyed it in a year and was itching to do something fun. Granted pink hair, piercings, and tattoos gets me some awesome looks in our super conservative area but if I actually cared I wouldn’t have those things. Anyone who makes a snap judgement like that probably isn’t worth getting to know anyway!

So next on the update list BORDERLANDS!!

I am super behind on my video gaming and was recently convinced by everyone I know that I HAD to play borderlands, I also got Oblivion, and FableII.

Borderlands so far might be one of the best games I’ve played for a very long time! James and I are co-oping. we’re about 3/4 of the way through the game and we LOVE IT!! It’s a great compromise for us because I love RPGs and he likes FPS with little to no story line.

Fable has been fun as well, quite a time sink, I get caught up and then all of a sudden it’s been a few hours. But overall I like it, nice easy-ish fun game. Plus I like the story line.

Now … Oblivion … I’ve been dying to play the elder scrolls series for a long time. I’ve read amazing reviews, all my friends love it and from the sounds of it it’s a game I would enjoy a lot. Now, i’m fairly new to console gaming. I’ve always been a PC gamer. That being said, I panic and button mash! I also really don’t  like scary things, i’m easily frightened. not of blood and gore, that’s fine but things that jump out at you, i tend to scream, button mash, and promptly die. I haven’t spent much time with Oblivion, i’m still learning the controls and whatnot, but I have not made it past the first dungeon. Maybe after we finish Borderlands, and before we start BorderlandsII I’ll get some more time into it.

So that’s it for the game update.
Now onto the shop update.

I’ve been knitting hairbows like crazy and have been working out new patterns for coffee cozy’s and gloves!

I have also been trying to get back into the grove of listing a few things every day and focusing on smaller items.
I’ve already started getting custom orders for Christmas which is AWESOME! And I’m very excited about that!

As always if you are interested in anything from my shop my WordPress readers always get free shipping (including international) just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out ❤

Hope everyone has been well, and you’re not too stressed about the election!
Turkey Day is coming up, which means I’ll be posting some new recipes soon!!
Stay tuned!



Sick of the 2 party system

I know I am.

Personally I am fiscally conservative, but very socially tolerant. Social issues matter a lot to me and I don’t feel comfortable voting for someone who wishes to take away planned parenthood, and doesn’t believe in equal rights for all, no matter your sexual orientation.

We need someone in the middle. Someone who will take the good from Republicans, and take the good from Democrats and mash them together … well we have that. It’s called Libertarian. And there is a Libertarian running for president.

Gary Johnson

So. Just some quick examples of some issues I strongly care about.

Marriage Equality:

Obama: Thinks that it should be left up to the states.

Romney: When he was governor he urged the US Senate to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment which says marriage is limited to only one man and one woman.

Johnson: “Government should not impose its values upon marriage. It should allow marriage equality, including gay marriage. The definition of marriage should be left to religions and individuals – not government.” So basically if certain churches don’t wish to marry gay couples that is their right. Not all churches believe this.

War on Drugs:

Obama: “There were approximately 100 marijuana raids under the Obama administration in the first 2.5 years, while during all eight of the Bush years, there were only about 200.

Romney: Strongly opposes making marijuana available for medical reasons. Supports federal raids on medical marijuana facilities operating in accordance with state law.

Johnson:  Acknowledges the War on Drugs has failed, advocates legalization of marijuana immediately.


Obama:  The national debt has increased more—almost $5 trillion—during 3 1⁄2 years under President Obama than it did during the entire 8 years of the Bush Administration.

Romney:  In March, 2009, said the TARP bailouts were necessary. In Sept., 2009, said he is opposed to bailouts.

Johnson: Pledges to submit a balanced budget to Congress in his first year in office. As Governor, vetoed 750 bills and exercised thousands of line-item vetoes to limit out-of-control spending.


please visit:

to read more!


So if this is the first time you’re hearing about Gary Johnson and after watching last nights debate you are less than thrilled with those candidates, instead of voting for the lesser of two evils you have the option to vote for a third party!



Everyone should vote, but everyone should make an INFORMED decision  and not just listen to the main stream media! Look at ALL of your options, not just the two party system.

Coffee and Coding

So last night, after my super classy dinner. I decided it was time to re-vamp my website and do some updating. So I brewed a pot of coffee and set off to work.

I have to say I’m very pleased with the results. This is my first website, and please if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it!

So after I finished that I decided it was time to change things up here as well. As many of you i’m sure have noticed my layout is different today. This is the first time I’ve changed it since starting this blog and I like it so far. I really like the twitter and facebook buttons on the top of the page there. I also worked on my other blog some more.

Which is the blog ‘run’ by Zeus, Athena and Isis.

I am very excited about doing this 50% off sale! We are about 10 fans away from activating the coupon code. And once it goes live it’ll only last for 72 hours.

I also have been trying new ads. I’ve never done them before but so far they’ve resulted in my views to my shop, and website. Which I am thrilled about. I’ve given the Etsy Ads a try, and only did the minimum. Which is $7. I’ve gotten many more views, but no sales directly from that. But I have 4 more days left with that so we’ll see how that goes. If I get sales from it I’ll definitely keep doing it. I also got a credit for $50 for facebook ads which I activated last night. Shortly after it went live my fan page had 20 new likes in a matter of minutes, and a few people writing on my wall saying they had just discovered my shop and whatnot and that they love my stuff. Which of course makes me so happy!

If anyone has any suggestions for Ads I’d love to hear them 🙂

Cabled Mug Cozies

So this post was supposed to be a gardening post but my camera decided, after I took all of the before and after pictures that it wouldnt’ actually save any of those pictures … SO changing it up a bit today. Yesterday I played around with some new pattern ideas and came up with a Cabled Mug Cozy, I have a few cabled Travel mug sleeve but hadn’t worked out how to decrease and cable at the same time and all that jazz. Basically at some point yesterday (after about 4 mugs of coffee) I had an epiphany and figured it out. And here are the results!

If you click on the picture it will bring you to my new CraftStar shop. Which i’m really excited about! It’s an amazing up and coming venue for handmade goods and supplies, and unlike Etsy is actually staying true to their handmade artists thus far. So i’m really excited about it and they do these fantastic livestream “hangouts” where it’s basically a video conference and people ask questions and get help with things like photography and stuff like that. Really fantastic, welcoming community of people.

So, back to the cabled mug cozies. The blue mug cozy is done with what’s called a “link cable” pattern. which I enjoy very much, it’s very basic, quick and easy. And just makes the mug cozies that much more unique I think. I have pretty much every color imaginable to make these, for instance right now in stock I have orange, green, yellow, white, light blue, dark purple, lilac, salmon, pink, grey, and a few others I can’t see from here haha.

I started a green mug cozy this morning, working with a different cable pattern, this one’s a little more complicated, but still pretty basic. It’s called a “deer cable”

Not the best picture in the world but you get the idea.

I’ll finish that one up later this afternoon.

Other fun exciting news, my husband and I are getting another dog! As most of you know we have Isis the, too smart for her own good, black siamese.

This picture was taken 2 years ago.

We also have Athena, our 8 month old rescue.

She’s a lab mix of some kind, we think she might have some collie in her though we’re not really sure. She’s only 35lbs and not projected to get much bigger

And the newest to the pack is Zeus

Zeus is the grey one in the middle. He is 8 days old in this picture. A pure bread Great Dane. And we will be able to bring him home in a few weeks! I’m so excited! We are getting him from Wolf Hills Great Danes, and their facebook page is if you want to see more pictures!

It worked out really well and we think it was kind of “meant to be” as some would say. We had been discussing how Athena could really use a playmate because the two dogs she usually socializes with (my in laws dogs) aren’t puppies anymore and just don’t wan’t to play like she does, and Isis just smacks her in the face when she tries to play with her and originally (before we found Athena) I always said I wanted a big dog named Zeus. Now that changed when we found Athena, like I said she is a rescue and I just fell in love with her the moment I saw her, we also found out later that she was born on my birthday. We then stumbled upon Zeus a few months later, who coincidentally was born on my Husbands birthday and we just couldn’t resist.

Today my mother in law and I are bringing the dogs swimming for the first time this summer, which should be fun, Athena LOVES the water! As does Bucky, her healer. So I’ll be posting lots of fun pictures later!

Happy Friday everyone!

First step towards renovating the kitchen

So our fridge broke … we originally thought it was just frozen up or something because it was sweating everywhere. So we thawed it out but no such luck .. turns out it was just dying a slow painful death. Well upon moving the fridge we discovered a nice mess of mold on the walls and a floor so filthy it looked as if it could have been sub-floor and not the actual linoleum that the previous owner had put down. I didn’t take any pictures, I should have just to show how clean the floors are now even thought they still look filthy, I can’t wait to get rid of the linoleum and get tile!

This was our kitchen before.

As you can see the only counter space is where the drying rack lives which is a portable butchers block. And that is the old leaky fridge there in the corner.

We’ve done some minor rearranging to utilize the space we have, this fall we’ll be tearing out the wall that the stove is currently sitting against and expanding the kitchen into the next room (which is a small bathroom) and the room after that is the dining room/pantry so we’re basically just opening the whole thing up to make it look bigger than it really is.

This was taken shortly after the lowes movers left, before I moved things around.

the fridge is an absolute beast!  but where we live 45 minutes away from the nearest town we need all the storage space we can get!

After moving the coffee table over under the window. This pegboard needs to come down but the screws holding it in are stripped so that’s on the honey do list 😉

The coffee bar

Please ignore the mess i’m still trying to figure out where i’m going to put some things. We found this cutting board/counter-top in a closet so we used to L brackets to extend some counter space for me. The only problem with this is that the hood for the stove is no longer over the stove. We don’t use it much anyway but still looks funny.


Tomorrow look for a garden update! Also new photos from the Greenhouse Project!