Coffee Candle

I saw this on pinterest as a centerpiece. Ideally it’s a clear glass or vase of some sort filled with coffee beans with a tea light in the center, when the candle heats up it makes the coffee smell stronger. I usually light a tea light before bed and let it burn since they only burn for a few hours. And this way it makes my room smell like coffee 🙂


and I think I’ve found the perfect centerpieces for our wedding ❤






First BBQ of the Season!

Our dear friend Katie came down this weekend to pay us a visit.  That’s her in the blue. Sunday we made mini burgers and chicken skewers and had a proper BBQ on our new grill.

Amazing chicken skewers with yellow peppers, orange peppers, onion, and mushrooms. Oh and of course chicken.

So have I mentioned how much I love this grill? It’s pretty much amazing. I miss having a gas range and this is almost like having one back. Tonight I plan on cooking up some chicken and veggies with corn grilled in the husks. Yum Yum Yum.

We had a great visit with Katie and it turned out to be a lovely sunny hot weekend. We found this lovely brew at the store and just couldn’t resist. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as good as i’d expected. Cool label though 🙂

I’m baaaack! and I have lots to share!

I know you missed me! You can admit it it’s okay.

So as you can tell I haven’t updated in a while! BUT it’s for good reason! We bought a house!!!!!

So let the renovation blog posts begin!!!

OH and we got a puppy!!! She’s so adorable, 4 month old lab mix we rescued from the local humane society.

So let’s walk through these past few weeks with pictures shall we!

Meet Athena, our adorable 4 month old!

James walking Athena.
This is the road we live on now ❤

Our new house! Lots to do, lots to do!
Now, picture the house with a new coat of paint and no wheelchair ramp.

Once we fix the pressure washer I’ll be painting the house, we’re thinking a nice chessnut shade of brown. Antique white trim.
I painted our front door blue last week. The porch needs a little more work, just a nail here and there and needs to also be re-stained.

 another shot of the front of the house

The new blue front door!
Blue doors with white trim signified witch safe houses ❤

A shot from the side yard, that ugly tree on the right is going to go away so you can see the backyard more.
This weekend we should have the fence for the back yard finished, and I’m ordering rose hedges today!

We also have been tilling the garden every weekend, we need some fertilizer which if it’s nice i think we’ll get more this weekend.

And we’ve got 3 pear trees, some blue berry bushes, and 4 apple trees out back near the garden.
And when I put in the order for the Rose hedge i’m also ordering 4 new citrus trees Lemon, lime, orange and tangerine.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If the Sun ever comes out today i’ll take some more pictures of the back yard. We have lots of cleaning up to do, the yard and house both need some TLC

Now that i’ve got a new camera ❤ I’ll be much better about the before and after pictures promise!


Getting to know you … and because i’m procrastinating…

Well isn’t’ this a lovely morning … okay not really the sun isn’t even fully up yet and I know I’ll regret falling back into my comfy welcoming bed and sleeping until noon … so i’ll find other ways to procrastinate. Another blogger, Leanne from tagged me in this getting to know you post so i’m going to go get my iced coffee and avoid more packing ❤

What is our favorite meal?
mmm that’s easy, my grandmothers baked mac n cheese, with a fresh tomato from the garden on the side

You can only listen to {3} albums for the rest of your life, what would they be & why?
okay, this is tricky … I’d have to go with Led Zepplin IV, The Beatles The White Album, and Adele … all on vinyl of course

What is your favorite item in your closet?
ummm…. it’s going to have to be my dark wash boyfriend jeans from AE … because they fit like a glove and go with everything!

When is the last time you cried?

What is your favorite tv show of all time?
of all time … well I was going to say Charmed, I love that show… but of all time… it’s going to have to be some 90’s cartoon ….. like Rugrats! or Hey Arnold! …. yeah let’s go with Rugrats

What is your favorite movie?
Easy, Fever Pitch

What would your dream vacation destination be?
Italy! anywhere in Italy

Describe your personality in three words
geeky, crafty , fun

What is the one make-up item you absolutely have to have on your face every day?
I don’t wear makeup everyday because i’m lazy, but if I usually don’t leave the house without some brown Mascara

Dream dinner party guest list! (Three people, living or dead)
Felicia Day, Donald Marshall, and … Rhonda Thompson

Why did you start blogging?
because a book told me too. Okay not really, but it was in the “how to make money on etsy” handbook. But I thought I had some cool DIY things I could share with others, and some great recipes. I also love reading the blogs of small business owners, especially when buying online, I like feeling that I know the person I’m buying from it just makes buying online a little more personable and I think others feel the same.

 So now for the lovelies i’m tagging
Tina B from
Koka from

Cancer, government, and bull shit

I’ve been absent for a few weeks now and I’m sorry about that but I assure you it was for a really good reason.

An amazing woman passed away and I dropped everything to go home to be with my friends and family. She was the pillar of our community and touched so many lives. It still hasn’t sunk in that she is gone. But we can take solace in the fact that after a long long battle with cancer she is no longer suffering. She taught us well and she will be greatly missed.

And because bad news likes to dump all at the same time my mother is having a difficult time gaining access to the cancer treatment she needs because of a “shortage” of the drug.

This is a copy of the letter she wrote to Michael Michaud (congressman in Maine) also somehow related to our family though you’d have to ask my grandmother for the details on that.

Nancy Michaud
A copy of my e-mail to Mike Michaud:

Jan 30, 2012, I had a suspicious lump removed from my thyroid, by way of a total thyroidectomy. The biopsy came back conclusive for papillary thyroid cancer with a hurthle cell variant, mets to my lymph nodes, stage 3. Next step: Radioactive iodine about 6 weeks post op. It was set up for the week of March 19th or March 26th, pending scheduling. A little over a week ago, my lifesaving treatment was “put on hold” due to a “Thyrogen shortage”. (a necessary synthetic hormone used in the treatment of thyroid cancer). The specialty pharmacy blames the manufacturer, Genzyme blames the FDA and the pharmacy. The doctor and, more importantly, the patient are caught in the middle. I have researched this “shortage”, as have many of my friends. Seems more like a big bunch of BS! (to put it honestly and simply). However at work today I received a call that pretty much tells the story of what our healthcare has come to here in the US, and frankly it is a disgrace!!! My message to my family, friends, co-workers, everyone who knows my struggle reads like this: I had an interesting conversation today with my Dr in Portland and felt the need to share.

Let me first say, that I am going to Boston for my care and there is no “shortage” of Thyrogen at Dana Farber.

My Dr in Portland called Curascript, the specialty pharmacy that distributes the Thyrogen. They tried to get a delivery date from them. They told her that CVS Caremark has a supply but “bills it differently”. That if I pay my 30% up front they can have it here in a week. That totals about a grand up front, give or take! Money first, then life saving meds after!!!

So I did a little more digging. If they bill it as a prescription, which it is, my copay is $50 and my insurance pays it as a script. If they bill it as a “procedure”, it is covered under my insurance plan at 70%. And they hold the med hostage until my 30% is paid, like I said, about 900-1000, give or take!!!! So, if they are able to make more money, there is no shortage. If they bill it as a script and make less money, there is a shortage, and I go on a waiting list for CANCER MEDICATION!!!!!

The things we learn in a day!!! You just got the short version. My public display of this nonsense will be much more colorful and detailed!

Thanks for listening!
Sincerely, Nancy Michaud



This is just one of the THOUSANDS of examples of how broken our system is. How many good people have to suffer because the people in charge are too greedy to care about anyone but themselves. It doesn’t even matter anymore if you have full health insurance, you still aren’t covered and still are expected to pay a large amount of money before you get the treatments or medication you need … I thought the whole reason for paying out the ass for great health insurance was so that when you did need it you’d be covered…. guess not.

My hope is that someday, hopefully within my lifetime, this country will pull it’s head out of its ass and listen to it’s citizens. This is bull shit and we know it, and the government needs to realize we have the power, not them. They are supposed to do what WE want not what THEY want. They are in office, and in power because WE put them there. We gave them that power and we can take it away.

Well it’s been a week

Somehow I’ve managed to survive Jillian Michaels all week. My legs put up quite a fight, and I hate even the thought of having to walk down stairs to the living room, let alone down another flight of stairs to the basement to do laundry.

Honestly though, it’s only been 5 days and I feel so good! I’ve changed my eating habbits as well. No junk, no processed foods. Only healthy stuff. All in all things are going well! I also just got some Whey Protein to mix in with my breakfast smoothies. It’s delish and fills me up until lunch.

Coffee right now is my only vice, and I don’t plan on giving that up … ever.

I’d love to share my smoothie recipe with you, but i’m lazy and don’t measure anything haha.
But I can tell you what’s in it and how I do it.

First I add plain non fat yogurt. I don’t buy any yogurt, or anything with Aspartame so check out the ingredients list, we read the ingredients lists of everything, it’s a pain in the butt, but as a general rule, if you don’t know what it is don’t put it in your body. And I’ll gladly take the few extra calories  than put artificial anything into my system. (Even read ingredients lists of meat, added color and stuff is not a good sign)
So Yogurt, then I add some frozen strawberries, and a banana cut up. Then some milk, right now i’m using skim but I think I’ll pick up some almond milk or soy next time we’re at the store. You could also use apple juice or something but that adds a lot of sugar. Then I add a scoop of whey protein.

Yum Yum Yum

It usually makes more than a glassful so I stick it in the refergerator and drink the rest with lunch or  as a snack between lunch and dinner.

For dinner last night we had fish and salad. It feels so good to be healthy! And it will be much easier to do once I get the garden going again. Fresh fruit and vegetables! My plan this year is to grow enough to can and store enough to get us through the winter. Fingers crossed 🙂


Oh Monday you are so unwelcome

Last night while lying in bed I decided I would no longer put off working out … So bright and early this morning *before coffee* I popped in my Jillian Michaels DVD and got to work. The theory being if I start my workout before i’m fully awake I wont have a chance to talk myself out of it. And when i’m finished there will be a fresh hot pot of coffee waiting downstairs for me. Well, so far so good. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and then continued to punish myself with the 6 week 6 pack. Tomorrow i’ll be surprised if I can even walk. My thighs are already killing me.

 ^I used to be able to do that … I’d like to be able to do it again…

I’m not working out to be “skinny” or whatever. I’m thin, i’m just horribly out of shape. I want to eat better, do yoga more, and be more fit. Working from home has allowed me to slack off more and i’m now working to correct that. Laziness is not a habit I want to have.

Well in other fun things, I got some more yarn!

The craft room is getting a tad bit out of control haha. That’s just the full skeins of yarn… the rest is in baskets under the desk. I’ve started making lists at the begging of each week of what I want to accomplish as far as projects go. This week, it’s a custom order headband (which i just finished this morning) I got some new cotton yarn for dish cloths so i’d like to get those done, and a purple and coral scarf I started last week that needs to be finished. And any custom orders I get this week take priority of course but that’s the plan so far. Also still trying to make one coffee cozy or bracelet every day so I have something new to list daily. Helps keep the shop moving I think.

At the beginning of last week I also got in 700 new buttons, on top of the 500+ I ordered a few days prior to that. They are all now sorted by color into their respective little baggies =) Sorting buttons might just be one of my favorite things of the week!

So, since it’s Monday, another cup of coffee is required, and i’ll start in on some dishcloths!! ❤






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