Gearing up for Winter!

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I’ve relaunched my online store, on The Craftstar! I am very exciting and hopefully we being getting the Etsy shop back up soon as well but for now I’m just selling locally and on the Craftstar’s new website!

I’m listing more things every day! Mittens, Hats, Scarves, Hair Bows


New pattern ideas!

For the past few days I’ve been toying with some patterns


Sketchbooks full of chicken scratch that a friend says looks like science haha. Well I can safely say I think I’ve perfected the basic hobo glove, which was giving me some trouble in and around the thumb area. And the bows are coming out very well using the seed stitch texture, i tried about half a dozen different stitches before i settled on that one. I’ve also decided I need to get into the habit of writing down my patterns instead of just attempting to knit them from memory.





Just a quick one

The craft show was a success! Hot and sweaty because it was over 100 degrees all weekend but successful none the less. 

I also listed over 20 new items in the shop! and this week i’m running a 10% off sale! 
If you’re interested use you coupon code FIRE10 ❤ ❤ ❤


I’ve got pictures and stuff too but I’ll be loading them later, OH and we got our first orange pepper today! 🙂 yay!  

Snow … Seriously …

Well.. so much for my beautiful flower garden …. It’s snowing here in Tennessee … just the other day it was in the 80’s, that’s right 80’s and that’s up in the mountains … now, it’s below freezing and the snow is coming down like it used to in Maine …

this was just the beginning, just a few minutes after it started snowing

Luckily i haven’t planted anything in the garden yet, but we did put the screen-house and patio furniture out last night .. hopefully nothing blows away


the rake fell over … but i really don’t want to go out in my sandals to stand it upright … but i’m going to have to find some boots if it continues to snow much longer.

I’m not entirely sure my clothes are going to dry … and the wind keeps blowing everything away, no matter how many clothes pins I use.

The new screen house, hopefully it wont blow away.

so much snow 😦 … and it’s not even that much ….



On a more pleasant note, I did some painting in the living room!


I took a ton of pictures, but none of them do the color justice. Light Green Tea, is the name of the color. The room isn’t finished, but i’ll probably do that today since the weather outside is so horrible.




Knitted Bracelets

So, follow up to my New Yarn post! … I made a bunch of new bracelets with the tshirt yarn.

Now if I could just get rid of this migraine all would be right with the world.

Oh, and we’re still doing free shipping until valentines day ❤ so if you need anything 😉

For the Love of Bacon

Well, what with all the drama that has surrounded the past few weeks with SOPA/PIPA I’m happy to bring you back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today I bring you an amazing shop from…..

I’m not a fan of Valentines day so this of course appealed to me, plus, there’s bacon.

Maybe it’s just me but I enjoy being wrapped like a burrito when i’m in bed. You know that move where you kick the blankets up in the air to tuck them under your feet … oh you know what i’m talking about…..

It’s funny because it’s true …. there’s nothing fun about being a December baby.

So you get the point, lots of funny cards, blows Hallmark out of the water if you ask me. And a wonderful shop owner!

After the ‘blackout’ yesterday I also realized how many sites I really love!
just to name a few….
and of course Wiki, and Google ❤ ❤ ❤

The last thing I want to leave you with is this video, well a link to the video anyway. It’s a snipit from last nights episode of the Daily Show and the ever funny Jon Stewart shows a great clip of multiple people in congress (referring to SOPA/PIPA) saying they don’t know, they aren’t really nerds so they don’t understand and that maybe they should get a ‘nerd’ to come in and explain it to them …. I really feel that it is no longer okay to not know how the internet works…

The Daily Show

Nerd? We prefer the term Intellectual bad-asses…

You should be OUTRAGED!

Now I normally don’t post political things because there are enough blogs that do, I like my happy little world of crafts, books, and video games … BUT if SOPA is passed EVERYTHING I do WILL.BE.AFFECTED. Let me break it down for you in my own words then I’ll share some links with you for videos you can watch on the subject.

SOPA: also known as the Stop Online Piracy Act was introduced to the House of Reps on Oct 26. It is very similar to the ProtectIP act (that didn’t get passed) but SOPA is MUCH more extreme! To put it very simply under this act any website that has ALLEGED copyrighted material will get shut down, with no need for an investigation it will be shut down on accusation alone! Now this Act is being pushed by, you guessed it the large entertainment industry! So what they seem to be hiding behind (and how this act got so far) is that passing this will protect your jobs and will target people who steal illegal content. But this act does SO much more it’s disgusting. I’d like to break this down even further and put it in real world terms. Let me make it very clear that even if you don’t pirate things from illegal sites YOU WILL BE AFFECTED in a very large way! Oh and first offenders get 5 years in jail! again WITHOUT INVESTIGATION!

So let me give you some examples. Lets say, Joe Shmoe reads my blog and comments on it and in his comment posts a video link, or uses a quote and doesn’t site it properly …. well Joe isn’t held accountable for breaking the law WORDPRESS is! That means if there is any copyrighted material on WordPress weather it be comments or in the blog posts themselves WORDPRESS would get shut down! Shut down WITHOUT an investigation!!!! All it takes is an accusation!

Say goodbye to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, 4CHAN, STUMBLEUPON, TUMBLER, PINTEREST … gone every single one of them! Because all it takes is ONE person to post something that is copyrighted and the entire site goes down. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. Well that’s because it is absolutely absurd and the majority of the population has no clue what is going on! Also, take a good hard look at the people passing this bill and supporting this bill, the majority have no idea how to even use the internet.

There are plenty of websites out there saying by passing this act we’re saving jobs … I guess they’re referring to the jobs of the entertainment industry because people pirate movies and music (and well anything they want) passing this act WILL NOT MAKE PIRACY GO AWAY!! And if you consider yourself to be computer savvy you of course know this and are probably laughing to yourself. Which is exactly what I did when I first heard about the Protect IP act … literally laughed out loud and my next thought was “i’d love to see what would happen if the government attacked Anon directly”. Piracy will still happen I can assure you of that.

Now this will affect MY JOB directly! I have a shop on where I make my living … under this act if there is any copyrighted material on Etsy ETSY WILL GET SHUT DOWN! And trust me, there is a vast amount of copyrighted material on Etsy just do a search for Dr Who, or Harry Potter … none of those people have the rights to use and sell that stuff but they do. And like I’ve said before all it takes is an ACCUSATION and there is no need for INVESTIGATION! Even if Etsy were to get rid of anything that was copyrighted all it takes is accusation which means “she is using my *insert whatever here* that is copyrighted” even if it’s not true your site or the hosting site itself is held responsible and will be shut down!

This also means that if you Google something and find something that is copyrighted GOOGLE GETS SHUT DOWN! I should also mention that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and many more are very much AGAINST this Act being passed! Now that being said Reddit will be blacking out their site on January 18th in protest.

The majority of Americans don’t have the slightest clue what is going on, this was brought to the House in OCTOBER! I watch the news EVERYDAY the only thing I’ve seen about this is on the Colbert Report… EVERYONE should be reporting this EVERYONE should be talking about this and EVERYONE.SHOULD.BE.OUTRAGED.

Now this has been one of my more lengthy posts and most people wont read it … but it is my hope that those who do take the time to read it will share this information with friends and family and help spread the word. If you’re reading this and this is the first you’ve heard of this, do some more digging, there are some great video’s out there discussing the topic and explaining it more. The government wants to shut off our flow of information … and if we do nothing they will pass this law and many more laws infringing on our constitutional rights as Americans. And if you’re one of those people that reads this and thinks “well they can’t do that, it’ll never pass”. NDAA passed …. oh you don’t know what NDAA is?! Well without getting into it too deeply NDAA stands for the National Defense Authorization ACT, it allows for unconstitutional arrest and indefinite detainment of American citizens…The rights you thought you had are slowly slipping away while you play farmville and angry birds …

Other countries that have similar laws as these … China, North Korea, Iran, Syria …. just to name a few. If you dont’ help spread the word, if you ignore what is going on around you can kiss your rights goodbye.

oh and just one more thing this is not a “it’s Obama’s fault” “it’s Bush’s fault” “it’s congresses fault” if this passes it will be OUR fault because WE DIDN’T STOP THEM! This can be stopped! You each have a voice USE IT or you will loose it.

Onto the video’s.

I will be following Reddits lead on January 18th. My shop will be closed with a message about SOPA in it’s place, along with my website, facebook and twitter accounts. I’ll also be writing letters to my representatives and raising awareness as much as I possibly can.

I’m using my voice, are you using yours?