New Hats!

I’ve been working on a few new hat patterns. Right now i’m only able to do newborn hats since I don’t have long enough double pointed needles to knit adult hats, but those will be coming soon! Hopefully this weekend if I can get out to Abingdon to the yarn shop. 

I’m trying very hard to get myself into the habit of writing down everything I try and do. That way next fall when I start on hats, mittens, etc I have something to jog my memory instead of relying on recall alone haha.

I have made 2 basic newborn hats so far. And I THINK I’ve got a new cabled hat pattern properly worked out but we’ll see. I also have to find my cabling needle.



(by clicking on the pictures above you will be linked to my shop page where these two hats are for sale for $12)

I am working on knitting some brighter colored hats now. I’m also knitting all of these hats with a soft vegan yarn. So far it’s the softest on skin I’ve found. I will be looking at some more options this weekend though. Perhaps a cotton bamboo blend. From what I understand the biggest request is that baby clothes are soft and machine washable. Which I totally understand! Baby’s can be very messy creatures haha.


If you or anyone you know is interested in some hand knit items please check out my shop 🙂

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Coffee and Coding

So last night, after my super classy dinner. I decided it was time to re-vamp my website and do some updating. So I brewed a pot of coffee and set off to work.

I have to say I’m very pleased with the results. This is my first website, and please if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it!

So after I finished that I decided it was time to change things up here as well. As many of you i’m sure have noticed my layout is different today. This is the first time I’ve changed it since starting this blog and I like it so far. I really like the twitter and facebook buttons on the top of the page there. I also worked on my other blog some more.

Which is the blog ‘run’ by Zeus, Athena and Isis.

I am very excited about doing this 50% off sale! We are about 10 fans away from activating the coupon code. And once it goes live it’ll only last for 72 hours.

I also have been trying new ads. I’ve never done them before but so far they’ve resulted in my views to my shop, and website. Which I am thrilled about. I’ve given the Etsy Ads a try, and only did the minimum. Which is $7. I’ve gotten many more views, but no sales directly from that. But I have 4 more days left with that so we’ll see how that goes. If I get sales from it I’ll definitely keep doing it. I also got a credit for $50 for facebook ads which I activated last night. Shortly after it went live my fan page had 20 new likes in a matter of minutes, and a few people writing on my wall saying they had just discovered my shop and whatnot and that they love my stuff. Which of course makes me so happy!

If anyone has any suggestions for Ads I’d love to hear them 🙂

Just a quickie


So, I’ve gathered that having a 7 week old puppy that refuses to sleep unless being held (and cries non stop unless you’re holding him) is similar to having an infant … nothing we’ve tried has worked.

SO While I’m around to ship orders out I have nothing new being listed this week.

I am however taking this time to start work on some doggy sweater patterns! I’d like to focus on things for large dogs since that’s what I have. Great Danes have very thin fur and my puppy freezes when he goes outside even now and it’s only September! And all I can find are little toy dog type sweaters.

Though when he’s bigger a horse blanket will probably do the trick 🙂

And just as a reminder if you do wish to place a custom order for Christmas please do so as soon as possible! Custom orders are completed on a First Come First Serve basis! And if last year is any indication I will have to stop taking Custom Orders in late November so everything is ready well before the holidays!

Back to School SALE!

For the next few weeks I’ll be having a back to school sale with my Etsy shop!!! The sale is for your entire purchase and you get 15% off when you check out!!!

If you’re interested just use coupon code BackToSchool


Here are some of our current items we have for sale!






You can visit my shop by going to or simply click on one of the pictures above!

Grey Nail Polish

It’s a little dark for summer, but I saw it in the store when I was picking up this cool Tiffany Blue color and I totally fell in love!



This is the first time I’ve seen this brand. I love OPI but it’s like $8 a bottle 😦 so I usually can’t bring myself to buy it. I’ve been buying Revlon because it’s like 2 dollars but it chips in a few days. Granted i’m not exactly gentle on my nails what with the gardening and housecleaning and stuff. But so far I’m kind of in love with Maybelline no chips so far and it’s hardened really well! not to mention it’s very pretty! oh, and did i mention it’s only $3 at walmart 🙂 yeah, awesome!


When this starts to chip I’ll probably either paint my nails the new Tiffany Blue I got OR the lighter Grey i’m not entirely sure yet.



Happy 4th everyone!!!






All this week we’re running a 10% off sale for everything in my shop! Just use coupon code FIRE10



Just a quick one

The craft show was a success! Hot and sweaty because it was over 100 degrees all weekend but successful none the less. 

I also listed over 20 new items in the shop! and this week i’m running a 10% off sale! 
If you’re interested use you coupon code FIRE10 ❤ ❤ ❤


I’ve got pictures and stuff too but I’ll be loading them later, OH and we got our first orange pepper today! 🙂 yay!  

Craft Fair Prep

The wedding is next weekend and the craft show is the weekend after that! I’m almost completely prepped! Most of everything has been tagged with prices and is in baskets to display at the show!


Over 100 knit bracelets

A basket full of dish cloth sets

Some mini dish cloths

I’ve also been working on some button art, these are just a few.



So knitting, in addition to wedding prep, and gardening has kept me pretty busy and hasn’t left much time for blogging so until the end of the month  it’ll probably be shot posts with mostly pictures. 🙂