Obsessed with cables

Seriously, I might have a problem. I LOVE knitting cables!!!!



Just finished and listed this orange travel mug sleeve on etsy

And this one I listed yesterday on TheCraftStar ! These sleeves might be my new favorites!!

And this is a work in progress mug sweater! Cabled of course!

New stuff!

Watermarking woes are over! Thanks 100% to my friend Matt. Who is the sole reason I have such a cool banner for my shop.

I also have different colors for different holidays and everything which is fantastic! This is the original one.
I also have this super cool avatar he did

^Me with my wand (that’s right I have a wand) with yarn coming out of it and buttons flying all over the place

He has a ton of amazing drawings that you can see on his deviant art page

So if you’re a frequent reader of this blog you know that I went through my entire shop and watermarked all of my photos … over 100 listings, each with 5 pictures that needed to be edited. It wasn’t hard to do, just very time consuming! But there are more and more reported cases of “re-sell” shops popping up on etsy where someone will steal your pictures, then sell your product for a quarter of the price. They are basically just scams i doubt if anyone that buys it gets the product since no one can recreate some of the things I do unless they buy it from me and take it apart and all that jazz.

So anyway, I basically just put my pictures back in picnik then added text saying Buttons&YarnOHMY that way if there ever was an issue it’d be easier for me to say “hey yeah that’s mine” but Matt being the super awesome cool guy he is made me this.

which makes the pictures a little more professional I think since it’s my actual logo. AND soon soon soon i’ll be adding tags to my products. Like the fabric tags that are on all of your clothes, I want to do that! and this will be the logo on it.

So all of my new listings will have this logo on it ❤ and this is how it came out.

Yeah, super awesome 🙂
and way better than just text saying Buttons&YarnOHMY!

In other news, still procrastinating packing … probably will do a bunch this weekend … and once I get a picture of my homemade Frappe i’ll share the recipe with everyone! I used to be a barista so instead of spending the 5 dollars at Starbucks to get a frappe I’m working on a recipe to make them at home at 40-50 cents instead of 5 dollars ❤ So i’ll share that when I get that perfected!


So I got the flu ….

Well … I’m alive … I survived … It was a rough few days … ugh, I’m still exhausted.

I feel so behind on everything now.

So yeah, that awesome flu that goes around every year … that I never get! Well apparently working from home and hardly ever going outside lowers your immune system … So James and I both got the bug, I got it about 8 hours after him, which worked out well enough because I could take care of him through the worst of it and vice versa …

The only good thing about this is i managed to lose some weight after ya know not eating for 2-3 days.

I think the biggest disapointment over the whole thing though was that the days I was sick were the only sunny days this week …. which means I haven’t got a lot of new products listed … :-\ booooo but i’m working on it, maybe the sun will peek out for a bit today.

I’m really excited a new Debora Geary book is coming out sometime soon 🙂 so that’s something fun to look forward too!

Also this weekend should be fun/busy …

I feel like this whole post is just rambling information … please bear with me … i’m only on coffee number 1 today. Posts should be back to normal tomorrow 🙂 or heck even later today maybe. Haven’t done a beauty/fashion post in a while. Or a Culinary post for that matter … maybe that’ll be a goal for me next week … more recipes .. hmm…


If you have an suggestions for recipes or whatever feel free to leave a comment. I love trying new stuff 🙂

Well i’m going to sign off before this gets too rambley …

Oh! I have got a BUNCH of super cute new Coffee Cup Cozy’s and Travel Mug Sleeves in my shop for valentines day!
My grandmother crochet a bunch of little hearts and sent them my way 🙂

and if you’re interested we are doing Free Shipping on all orders from now until Valentines Day ❤
 This is the newest Travel Mug Cozy of the bunch, and probably my personal favorite ❤











Hope everyone had a great week! And if any of you are sick i feel for you!!!