Pink Hair, Borderlands, HairBows, Election, and an all around update

So, to avoid negative posts about my frustration with politics I have avoided posting for the past few weeks.

And even with the election over I know about half of the US is complaining and bitching but NOT HERE!

Gary Johnson got over 1% off the votes (not much I know) BUT it’s the most a libertarian candidate has ever gotten. Anyway, it’s over. Now we have to see if congress can actually work together to get some things done. HA. Okay moving onto the fun stuff.


I dyed my hair pink!! And I don’t have really any decent pictures yet but soon hopefully.



This is of course not natural light, the pink is softer than this, not quite as bright after a few washes.
And I’m pretty sure this is about the only thing I HAVEN’T done to my hair yet. I hadn’t dyed it in a year and was itching to do something fun. Granted pink hair, piercings, and tattoos gets me some awesome looks in our super conservative area but if I actually cared I wouldn’t have those things. Anyone who makes a snap judgement like that probably isn’t worth getting to know anyway!

So next on the update list BORDERLANDS!!

I am super behind on my video gaming and was recently convinced by everyone I know that I HAD to play borderlands, I also got Oblivion, and FableII.

Borderlands so far might be one of the best games I’ve played for a very long time! James and I are co-oping. we’re about 3/4 of the way through the game and we LOVE IT!! It’s a great compromise for us because I love RPGs and he likes FPS with little to no story line.

Fable has been fun as well, quite a time sink, I get caught up and then all of a sudden it’s been a few hours. But overall I like it, nice easy-ish fun game. Plus I like the story line.

Now … Oblivion … I’ve been dying to play the elder scrolls series for a long time. I’ve read amazing reviews, all my friends love it and from the sounds of it it’s a game I would enjoy a lot. Now, i’m fairly new to console gaming. I’ve always been a PC gamer. That being said, I panic and button mash! I also really don’t  like scary things, i’m easily frightened. not of blood and gore, that’s fine but things that jump out at you, i tend to scream, button mash, and promptly die. I haven’t spent much time with Oblivion, i’m still learning the controls and whatnot, but I have not made it past the first dungeon. Maybe after we finish Borderlands, and before we start BorderlandsII I’ll get some more time into it.

So that’s it for the game update.
Now onto the shop update.

I’ve been knitting hairbows like crazy and have been working out new patterns for coffee cozy’s and gloves!

I have also been trying to get back into the grove of listing a few things every day and focusing on smaller items.
I’ve already started getting custom orders for Christmas which is AWESOME! And I’m very excited about that!

As always if you are interested in anything from my shop my WordPress readers always get free shipping (including international) just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out ❤

Hope everyone has been well, and you’re not too stressed about the election!
Turkey Day is coming up, which means I’ll be posting some new recipes soon!!
Stay tuned!




Coffee and Coding

So last night, after my super classy dinner. I decided it was time to re-vamp my website and do some updating. So I brewed a pot of coffee and set off to work.

I have to say I’m very pleased with the results. This is my first website, and please if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it!

So after I finished that I decided it was time to change things up here as well. As many of you i’m sure have noticed my layout is different today. This is the first time I’ve changed it since starting this blog and I like it so far. I really like the twitter and facebook buttons on the top of the page there. I also worked on my other blog some more.

Which is the blog ‘run’ by Zeus, Athena and Isis.

I am very excited about doing this 50% off sale! We are about 10 fans away from activating the coupon code. And once it goes live it’ll only last for 72 hours.

I also have been trying new ads. I’ve never done them before but so far they’ve resulted in my views to my shop, and website. Which I am thrilled about. I’ve given the Etsy Ads a try, and only did the minimum. Which is $7. I’ve gotten many more views, but no sales directly from that. But I have 4 more days left with that so we’ll see how that goes. If I get sales from it I’ll definitely keep doing it. I also got a credit for $50 for facebook ads which I activated last night. Shortly after it went live my fan page had 20 new likes in a matter of minutes, and a few people writing on my wall saying they had just discovered my shop and whatnot and that they love my stuff. Which of course makes me so happy!

If anyone has any suggestions for Ads I’d love to hear them 🙂

Now accepting all major Credit Cards

I set up direct checkout today, so you don’t need a paypal account. You can check out with your debit or credit card!

Just in time for the holidays!!!


Only 116 days until Christmas!!!


I’m totally one of those people that saves Christmas shopping until … Christmas eve … but maybe i’ll reform my ways … probably not, but maybe!


So I’ve got 2 shops up and running now, I have over 100 different items listed in my etsy shop and 40 items in my craftstar shop. Ultimately I’d like to have 200 items in both.

And i’m still running the BackToSchool sale for 15% off your entire purchase. Just use coupon code BackToSchool.

I’m also working on more scarves and winter wear. Right now i’m knitting a grey cabled scarf!


I took this picture when I first started it, it’s about 5ft long now! 🙂

Grey Nail Polish

It’s a little dark for summer, but I saw it in the store when I was picking up this cool Tiffany Blue color and I totally fell in love!



This is the first time I’ve seen this brand. I love OPI but it’s like $8 a bottle 😦 so I usually can’t bring myself to buy it. I’ve been buying Revlon because it’s like 2 dollars but it chips in a few days. Granted i’m not exactly gentle on my nails what with the gardening and housecleaning and stuff. But so far I’m kind of in love with Maybelline no chips so far and it’s hardened really well! not to mention it’s very pretty! oh, and did i mention it’s only $3 at walmart 🙂 yeah, awesome!


When this starts to chip I’ll probably either paint my nails the new Tiffany Blue I got OR the lighter Grey i’m not entirely sure yet.



Happy 4th everyone!!!






All this week we’re running a 10% off sale for everything in my shop! Just use coupon code FIRE10



Just a quick one

The craft show was a success! Hot and sweaty because it was over 100 degrees all weekend but successful none the less. 

I also listed over 20 new items in the shop! and this week i’m running a 10% off sale! 
If you’re interested use you coupon code FIRE10 ❤ ❤ ❤


I’ve got pictures and stuff too but I’ll be loading them later, OH and we got our first orange pepper today! 🙂 yay!  

A Garden with a Plan

I did it, I made a plan, and a plan I’m going to stick to!

Now since this is just a plan and hasn’t been put into action yet I don’t have many pictures for you. BUT we can use our imagination, i’ll try to explain myself well ❤ I much prefer pictures to words but we’ll work with what we’ve got.

So this is the plot of land we’re using for the garden, it’s behind the garage/shop building. In the far right hand corner is where the 2 adult pear trees and 4 adult apple trees are. On the far left there is a young pear tree 2 unknown bushes and a large blueberry bush. I’m thinking the other two are some sort of berry as well, maybe even a different type of blueberry but we wont know for certain until they start producing fruit. There is also a grape vine but we’ll get to that in a moment.

This is the garden after it had been tilled for the first time in 3+ years we’re going to fertilize it this weekend if the weather cooperates.  We are still doing a lot of reclaiming of the back yard there was a large brush pile we had to burn and there’s still a lot of rotting wood and brush that needs to be burned and it’ll make the place look 1000 times better!

Now, since it’s just James and I this garden is much larger than we need so we wont be using all of it. My hope is to do semi-raised beds for all of the different crops which will make weeding and keepings things organized much easier for me. It also is more attractive in my opinion.


This is more along the lines of what I was thinking, we are planning to fence in the garden to keep critters out I don’t trust my cat to  leave anything alone and there are wild animals as well.This is a little more elaborate than i’d do like we wont have any trees in the garden or anything but you get the idea with the separate beds.

This is more accurate with what we want to do but we wont need to do fully raised beds we’ll just be doing some edging.

So now for what we’re putting in the garden, most of these I have already started as seedlings out on the kitchen deck. If the scanner was up and running i could just show you the plots i have drawn out but there isn’t enough coffee yet to fight with electronics haha. So a list it is.

Asparagus Bed
Yellow pear tomatoes
Roma tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Green onions
Blue Potatoes
Red Onions
Salad Greens
Green Beans

So that’s the garden plan and doesn’t include any of the fruit trees and stuff. We also have some grapes growing but right now they’re a little too close to the apple trees and we’d like to train it onto a nice trellis. This is what it looks like now

I’m not sure what kind of grapes these are but i’d like to get some red seedless grapes once we have a trellis.



So, that’s it for the garden right now that’s pretty much the plan in a nutshell. So let’s switch gears and talk about knitting for a bit.

I have the shop back up and running, but haven’t listed any new stuff yet but i’ve been working on a lot of new scarves and have a few new plans.  I also have a few cabled travel mug sleeves that I need to photograph and list but since picknic is no longer active i’m not sure what i’m going to use for a photo editing site. I have a program on the mac I might try. Anyone with suggestions i’m glad to hear them!
Before I closed the shop down because of the move I did get a chance to list more mug cozy’s and bracelets so take a peek if you are so inclined. I’m also completely caught up on custom orders so i’m prepared to take custom orders as well.

As always all of my readers get free shipping! Even internationally!
Just use coupon code WORDPRESS when you check out!




Got some new yarn!

So … last week, it was rainy and gross all week long, and by the end of the week I was suffering from some mild cabin fever. Not having a car and working from home has its downfalls. So … what fixes a sour mood … well other than Darren Criss without a shirt … Shopping. So not having a car and all I did some online shopping, which started at Forever21 searching for some new accessories. I really want to get some new rings, maybe a skinny belt, and I’d love a new watch. Well I found all those things and more, some cute tops for only $6 how can you pass that up, plus the belt was only $1.50! It’s not exactly high quality but at the rate I lose things I don’t really mind. So I was all set to check out and for whatever reason paypal was being glitchy and wouldn’t let me check out and I didn’t want to use my debit card. So I didn’t get anything and I was in an even more sour mood because I had found the cutest stuff. So I went to the only place I knew my paypal card worked. Etsy. And finally got some of the yarn on my wish list.

These were my first purchase, then it kind of just snowballed, but everyone is having such good deals!!! I couldn’t pass it up
The torquoise yarn is 100% cashmere and was only 8 Dollars, It arrived today, and I ordered it on Friday! Talk about awesome customer service!

So after my yarn craving was satisfied I went over to Miriiams shop for some more buttons….

And I ordered about 700 more buttons …. I have a slight addiction … I can’t seem to help myself. I also ordered some more T-Shirt yarn since I started making these for the shop.

I’m so happy the shop has been doing really well this month, and it’s only the 6th, we’ve already had a few international orders, and I just finished up another Custom Order! So busy, and it’s so terrific!
I just finished the yellow scarf, it’s soooo long!!! It’ll be perfect for the spring collection!

We’re still doing free shipping until February 14th!
And I’m taking customer orders!

Feel free to drop me a line ❤